After you've started to engage with you guests using tell Charlie and personalised the appearance, you'll probably begin to use more of the features which are available. In this lesson we share some tips and look at features that our customers say work best for them.

Sending messages to specific people/departments

You might want all guest messages to go to one central inbox but you can also direct messages to specific people or departments in your accommodation. For example, you might send:

  • pre-stay requests to the reservations department;
  • during-stay feedback to guest relations; and 
  • after-stay reviews and ratings to the reputation manager.

This is easily done in your email client (Outlook, Gmail, etc.) by creating a forwarding rule for emails with a specific subject. For example, pre-stay requests all contain the text "can you help improve their stay?" in the subject line so you can forward these emails to your reservations team.

Here are the instructions for the most common email clients:

Publishing reviews to different websites

In today's Review Economy, 75% of travellers read reviews before booking while 53% of travellers won’t book when they see a negative review. tell Charlie gives you the ability to publish reviews to different websites and the good news is that you don't have to choose just one.

At the moment you have the option of publishing reviews to trivago and TripAdvisor, with no limit on how often you can switch between the two. You can alternate between the two services each month, week or even day.

Upselling with message templates

Each time your guest asks a question they are revealing to you something that's important to them. You already know the how to spot opportunities for upselling additional services or ancillaries and with tell Charlie's message templates you can streamline the upselling process. 

Here are a few examples:

  1. When a guest asks how to get to your accommodation, provide directions along with an offer of parking or transfers for a cost.
  2. If a guest lets you know they will be arriving late you can let them know how to check in while telling them about the dining options at your accommodation.
  3. Guests who are celebrating a birthday/anniversary/special occasion often make special requests before arrival and this is the perfect time to offer room upgrades or extras like champagne and chocolate.

By adding these offers to your message templates, you can answer guest questions and take advantage of upsell opportunities with a single click.

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