Clicking on Conversations from the left side of the screen takes you to the inbox which contains all of the conversations that guest have started with you. After a guest starts a conversation you're able to message them anytime.

Conversations are ordered from newest to oldest and you can see the time and date of the most recent message to the right of each guest's name.

Unread messages

  • An orange dot and a bold name means that there's an unread rating from a guest.
  • A message bubble icon indicates there's an unread message from a guest.

Guest Journey States

The state of each guest's journey is shown under their name. The different states are:

  • On the way: Up to 4 days before check-in
  • Arriving: The day of the check-in
  • In-house: Between the first and last day of the stay
  • Departing: The day of departure
  • Checked out: After the day of departure

Clicking on any conversation opens it in the main window so you can participate in the Guest Conversation.

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