• How can I check if tell Charlie is working as intended?
  • Where can I search for the chat history of a specific guest?
  • Which guests are checking out today and are not happy?
  • I want to send an offer to guest who have checked out. How do I find them?

All of these questions and more can be answered using the Bookings overview page which is accessible from the left sidebar.

The Bookings overview provides you with useful information about how your guests are interacting with tell Charlie so that you always know what's going on. tell Charlie synchronises with your Property Management System(PMS) every hour to ensure that it's always up to date with new bookings and cancellations.

Connecting to tell Charlie for the first time

After connecting tell Charlie to your PMS, you want to know that the system is working. If you wait an hour after connecting tell Charlie and then visit the Bookings page you'll be able to see all of the bookings that have been imported.

The interface

1  Search bar
2 Journey stage filter
3 View conversation button
4 Previous / Next page buttons

1 Searching for guests

You can easily find a guest by searching for guests by their first name, last name or any other names. The search results will automatically update as you type each letter.

2 Filter guests by journey stage

The filters at the top of the page give you the ability to look at specific groups of guests. For example, you can see all of the guests who are departing today. Then you can view heck the conversations to see whether or not they're happy and address any outstanding issues before they leave.

3 View conversation button

tell Charlie takes care of guest engagement for you so there's nothing you need to do until a guest sends you a message. If a guest doesn't have any requests yet the column will say No response yet. Once they begin interacting with tell Charlie this will be replaced by the View conversation button which will take you to the conversation.

4 Previous / Next page buttons

You have too many bookings to fit on one page so use these buttons to help you browse through them.
Tip #1:
It's faster to use the search and and filter tools to narrow the results list.
Tip #2: Bookings are listed in order of the check-in date.

Additional guest information

By clicking on a booking you can see additional information about the guest and their interactions with tell Charlie. You can see:

  • Room information
  • Guest information
  • Additional information - when the booking was made and added to tell Charlie
  • Timeline - displays the status of each scheduled message

You can message your guests using tell Charlie up to 30 days after they have checked out. After that, the conversation will be archived and this will be shown on the timeline. You can still access the conversation after this time. 

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