With the review publishing services your online presence is automatically boosted when a guest leaves a review. The day after leaving your accommodation, guests receive an email from tell Charlie giving them the chance to leave ratings and a review. 

There are different review services available and you can switch between them as often as you like so that your reviews are published to different websites. Each review service has unique benefits and drawbacks that you'll want to consider when making your selection. 

Changing your review publishing settings

You can update your appearance from the Services page in the Settings menu.

Choose the service you want to enable by making your selection and clicking Save. You can also disable the review service.

trivago reviews

The trivago service is fully integrated with tell Charlie. This means that guests leave their review while they're using tell Charlie. We perform a quality check to make sure reviews are appropriate - for example, bad language is not accepted - before sending them to trivago to be published. 

Tip: The trivago review service has the highest response rate from guests because they are already using tell Charlie when asked to leave a review. There is no requirement for the minimum amount of characters and it's a frictionless process.

TripAdvisor reviews

The TripAdvisor service needs to know where to publish the reviews and will ask you for the URL when you click to activate it.

Steps to find the URL:

1 Go to https://www.tripadvisor.com and enter the name of your accommodation in the search field.

2 Scroll down to the Reviews section and click the Write a review button.

3 Copy the URL and paste it in tell Charlie.

4 Clicking Activate TripAdvisor will enable the review service.

5 If you make a mistake or need to change the TripAdvisor URL, click the Configure button to open the configuration screen and enter the new URL.

When the service is activated guests who have left your accommodation are asked if they'd like to leave a review on TripAdvisor. 

Guests who decide to leave a review are redirected to the page of your accommodation on TripAdvisor.

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