Guest conversations contain all of the messages between your guests and the accommodation. It also shows the messages that the assistant 'Charlie' sends which encourages guests to begin relevant conversations.

To send a message to a guest, enter it in the text field at the bottom of the screen and click Send or press Shift + Enter on your keyboard.

Underneath the diagram below is an explanation of the different features that are available in the active conversation.

1  - Guest name and booking dates
2 - The language that the guest is using with tell Charlie
3 - The date that the messages were sent
4 - Clicking Show opens a pop-up that shows the message that was sent to the guest
5 - Messages sent by Charlie appear in grey with the robot icon
6 - Messages sent by the guest appear in blue with the user icon
7 - Messages sent by your accommodation appear in orange with the building icon
8 - Access your saved message templates
9 - Input field for typing messages

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