You can change the look and feel of the messages tell Charlie sends to guests so that they match the branding of your accommodation. Guests are more likely to engage with messages when you combine the logo of your accommodation with a pleasant image and matching colours.

The different elements

The logo appears at the top of the message.
The header is displayed underneath your logo and spans the width of the message.
The main color is used for elements such as the buttons.

Changing the appearance

You can update the appearance from the Branding page in the Settings menu.

The logo is shown at 200x60 pixels so it's best to upload an image that has this size or the same ratio. For example, 400x120.

The header is shown at 640x120 and again, keeping the same ratio will ensure that it looks good.

Your computer probably comes with a program that can be used to edit your images and achieve the ideal sizes. If you're having trouble, contact us using the chat in the bottom-right corner of this screen or send us an email and we will be more than happy to help out.

Checking the appearance

The new appearance settings will be used for future messages. You can check how the adjustments to your branding looks by going to the active conversation window and clicking Show next to a message that Charlie has sent. You will need to wait until Charlie sends a message that includes your new images or colour.

A note about image resolution

Be sure to pay attention to the size requirements of the images so that they're displayed correctly for your guests.

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