There's no question that it's important to engage with your guests. They want their needs met and a part of your job is finding out what those needs are. The problem is that different guests have different needs and require different amounts of attention which leads to a lot of guesswork.

To make sure that every guest receives enough attention you might spend a lot of effort to make sure that each one is happy beyond a doubt. In the past this has required a lot of work by:

  1. Welcoming each guest to your accommodation and asking if the need anything
  2. Checking in with guests every time you see them to ensure they're happy
  3. Asking them to leave a review after their stay
  4. Providing repetitive information - WiFi, check-out time, parking, etc.
  5. Responding to questions and problems that guests have during their stay

tell Charlie engages with guests and removes the guesswork for you. Then, when there's something that requires you're attention, Charlie let's you know so that you can take care of it.

1. Welcoming each guest to your accommodation

Guests are welcomed to your accommodation by tell Charlie via email a few days before their arrival. If they have any special needs or requests (which is usually around 10% of guests) they can let you know.

When a guest makes a request you're notified by email so you can see if there's something the needs your attention. Alternatively, you might prefer to keep tell Charlie open in your internet browser where you can see all guest messages.

2. Checking in with guests to ensure they're happy

After the first night, tell Charlie gives attention to guests by asking how they're stay is going. You don't need to do anything for the happy guests whose needs are being met. However, if a guest has an issue, they can let you know so that you're able to turn a bad experience into a good one while they're still at the accommodation.

3. Asking guests to leave a review after their stay

You already know how important online reviews are and so it's great when guests who enjoyed their stay tell other people about it. tell Charlie follows up with guests after they check-out to ask them for feedback about the accommodation and if they would like to leave a review.

4. Providing repetitive information  - WiFi, check-out time, etc.

You can quickly answer common guest questions by saving your response for a specific question once and then sending it each time your asked. For example, if guests often ask "What is the best way to get there from the airport?", you can could create a response called Directions from airport and send it each time you're asked.

More information is available at these links regarding Creating message templates and Using message templates.

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