tell Charlie has powerful integrations with popular property management systems (PMS) that automatically synchronise booking and guest data to streamline guest engagement. 

But you can also use tell Charlie to enhance engagement with your guests, if you have a smaller accommodation or you use a PMS that we don't currently support. 

Adding a new booking is as easy as going to the Bookings page and clicking the button Add new booking.

Enter the details of the booking in the dialog box and save the entry by clicking Add new booking. Please note that if you are using tell Charlie with a PMS integration, any bookings that you add here manually will not appear in your PMS.

As soon as you save the booking, it becomes visible on the Bookings screen and has all of the tell Charlie functionality available. 

Updating booking details

If you want to change the booking details, click the Edit icon in the Actions column and you will be able to edit any of the booking details.

For more information about the Bookings page, check our the dedicated Help Centre article.

Do you want us to build an integration with your property management system? Send us an email or click the icon in the bottom-right of this screen to start a conversation with the team.

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