At Ten80 Group, our policy is to reduce the environmental impacts of our business, our website usage and the work carried out by users of the ten80 platform in line with the operation needsof the business and the client business’ we support.

Ten80 Group Limited (ten80) will help mitigate climate change though the use of sustainable technology use which includes technology used by the clients and consultants in as much as we are able to influence them.We recognise that our own energy use contributes to climate change and the technology suppliers we adoptare the primary route by which we can deliver change.

Our Commitment

As an online solution, technology is our key driver. The commute to work for both our team and the consultants who work via the platform is a key area where we can impact the carbon impact of ten80. In the UK alone commuting contributes to 18 billion kg of CO2e – 25% of transport emissions and 5% of total emissions. By encouraging and facilitating remote work we can reduce this cause of carbon emissions.

Additionality, as our business grows from start up, through scale pp to being a truly global market solution we can source sustainable, responsible suppliers that have aligned carbon policies. Whilst our business is not currently a significant user of services such as hosting we can set our targets on achieving growth withoutestablishing an unfavourable carbon footprint.

Mindful Growth by Design

Ten80 has implemented a company-wide strategy called ‘Mindful growth by Design’ which sets out our commitment to minimise our carbon emissions as we scale up. With a blank sheet of paper on which to start our journey we have the luxury of not having a carbon legacy. We aim to maintain a minimum carbonfootprint as we achieve market growth through:

• Adopting a remote work policy for both internal staff and independent consultants that arecontracted via the ten80 platform.

• Assessing all existing and future suppliers of technology and other services to the business to ensurethat they have appropriate and aligned approaches to carbon neutrality.

• Raising awareness of our carbon efficiency targets to all staff.

• Lobbying clients on the carbon benefits and the need for a carbon statement.

• Our energy efficiency initiatives will be supported by providing high quality services. We will workclosely with all stakeholders, including industry partners and regulators.

To verify the effectiveness of this Policy and the actions we take to implement it, we will continually monitorour carbon emissions.

The aims of this Policy are fully supported by Ten80 Directors who will review it on a regular basis.

This Statement is available to the public via the website at

Signed: Richard Knight CFO

Issue date: 6th July 2021. Review date: July 2022

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