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Does Tenet accept Co-Borrower / Co-Signer applications?
Does Tenet accept Co-Borrower / Co-Signer applications?
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Tenet does accept Co-Borrower / Co-Signer applications.

Please note that both co-borrowers must satisfy all of Tenet's Credit Eligibility Requirements. Having a co-borrower can increase your chances of being approved if your individual application is being rejected due to "Excessive Debt Obligations in Relation to Income".

To start a Co-Borrower application please have both yourself and your co-borrower apply under separate Tenet Applications using your respective names & emails. And on both Tenet Applications list your combined income & housing spend. Please also contact Tenet Support with the emails of both borrowers applications, your combined income, and your combined housing.

Note: Both Applicants must be pre-approved on your separate applications (Unless Denied due to Excessive Debt Obligations, and utilizing Combined Income on a Co-Borrow App may overcome that denial) and either Live at the same address or have a Shared Credit History.

Once you've selected offers for the same Vehicle (Year, Make, Model, Trim, & Mileage) on both your Applications, you can proceed with uploading your individual verification documents in your individual Tenet Dashboards. If offers between 2 applications differ, let Tenet know who will be The Primary Borrower to move forward with their offer. Once you have both completed all of your Tenet Dashboard Tasks, it typically takes us 2 to 3 Business Days to verify Co-Borrower Applications. Once all your Tasks have been verified, we can send a Loan Agreement via DocuSign Email for both of you to review & e-sign.

Does the Co-Borrower / Co-Signer have to be on the vehicle title?

The primary-borrower must be listed as the owner on the vehicle’s title. The co-borrower does not need to be.

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