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What are the eligibility requirements for the referral program?
What are the eligibility requirements for the referral program?
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If you are a Tenet Client who has, or has had an open loan with Tenet, you are automatically eligible to participate in our referral program, to get a $400 or $50 VISA e-gift card,. Plus the chance to win Tenet SWAG! (Stuff-We-All-Get) You can refer yourself or anyone. This could be a Friend, a Family Member, a Coworker, Acquaintance, Elon, etc.

How many people can I refer to Tenet?

There is no limit to the number of people you can refer, or times you can refer yourself. The more people you refer, the more money and Tenet SWAG you can earn.

What types of loans qualify for the referral reward?

All types of vehicle loans approved by Tenet qualify for the referral reward, whether they are for New, Used, Purchase, Refinance, Individual, Co-Borrower, Personal, Vehicle Sharing, Ride Sharing, or Business Loans.

What if my referral is not approved for a vehicle loan?

The referral reward is contingent upon your referral or yourself getting approved for a vehicle loan. If you or they are not approved, unfortunately, you will not receive the reward for that particular referral.

Can I refer someone whose loan has already been opened?

No, to qualify for the referral program, the referral must be made before the referred persons loan has been opened..

Can I refer myself for an additional loan?

Yes, self-referrals are eligible, but will only receive One $50 VISA e-gift card and The chance to win Tenet SWAG, once your new Tenet Loan has been funded.

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