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Creating a Ladder

Learn how to create your first ladder.

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To create your first ladder, click the ADD NEW LADDER button from the top of the admin page. 

Next, enter your Ladder settings. 

Here are some important things to note when setting up your ladder:

  • Wildcard Challenge - you can control how many wildcards a player receives and when they receive them.  A wildcard lets a player/team issue a challenge to any player/team above them on the ladder.

  • Ranking Algorithms - currently we support three ranking algorithms, so after a match score is reported those players will be reordered in the ladder rankings based on the outcome of the match. You can choose between:      

Bump Rank - in bump rank, lets say Joe is ranked #16 and he challenges Tom who is ranked #2. If Joe wins, he will become #2, and Tom will become #3.  If Joe loses both players stay where they are.  This is currently the default and recommended ranking algorithm.

Swap Rank - in swap rank, lets use the same example from above, Joe is ranked #16 and Tom is ranked #2, Joe challenges tom and wins.  Swap Rank will swap the two players, Joe will now be #2, and Tom will move to #16

Points Based - this is for the ladders who want to drive "activity" and a social aspect. In this ladder, matches can be "proposed" and "accepted" rather than having to only challenge one at a time.

  • Deterioration - you can control at what interval and by how much people's rankings are "deteriorated" when they go for extended periods of time without participating in the ladder.  This prevents players who do not wish to participate from staying in the ladder.  You have full control over the deterioration rules which can be set from the "Edit Ladder Prefs" page.

  • Notifications - you can control how often people are reminded about key events.

  • Challenges - you can determine how long someone has to accept a challenge that they have received from another player, and you can also configure how long these teams have to play their match and report their scores via their player dashboard.

Clicking the next button allows you to configure the ladder settings.
If you are unsure if what a setting is used for, please use the "What is this?" link to get more info.

Based on the settings you setup in this page, a rules page will be generated for your ladder automatically. Your players will have these rules emailed them anytime you add them to a ladder, and they may reference them anytime by clicking on the link in their dashboard.

Once you have entered your preferences you may then start adding players.  
NOTE: At this time, if this is a doubles ladder, you will need to use the "Add Team To Ladder" from the specific ladder menu. 

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