Q: Is there an App?

A: No, users receive introductions right to their email which eliminates the need for them to download an app or visit a third party website once they’ve signed up.

Q: Does Ten Thousand Coffees match people in the same geographical region?

A: Members of your school’s community can join from any geographical location. We encourage virtual meetings if users can’t meet in person.

Q: Do students get to connect with alumni from other schools as well?

A: Students from your community are only connected with alumni from your community.

Q: What is the difference between active and inactive accounts?

A: Inactive users are those whose email has bounced at some time, or because their email has not been verified.

Q. What branding recognition is required from RBC for their Future Launch funding?

A. Great question! Please make sure to recognize RBC for their funding by including the Future Launch & Ten Thousand Coffees logo lockup in all communications and marketing, including your landing page, which must also include the RBC Future Launch boilerplate. Please click here for guidelines and details.

Q: My alumni are being matched with other alumni, and my students are being matched with other students even though I didn’t set that up in Introduction Rules. What’s wrong?

A: There are many possible reasons for this. Please connect with your Ten Thousand Coffees Client Success Manager to review specific concerns, including Configurations of your platform, where matching rules are set up.

Q: Where do I find the email templates?

A. Please check with your Ten Thousand Coffees Client Success Manager to access the link to email templates. 

Q: Who do I send the primer email to?

A. Primers are sent to registered users who have their Introductions on (these users are listed as TRUE under the introductions column in the Export Members data file, where you can find all email addresses)

Q: How do I know who has turned off email notifications, for when I send out the primer email?

A. Please only send primers to those who have their introductions on - this group has opted in to receive emails to be in the cycle.

Q: Why is the Manage Members and Members number different?

A: Some members hide their profile on the hub, like an esteemed alumni or an admin of the program who does not want to be contacted. The ‘Members’ tab is public to all your members and does not show hidden profiles. The ‘Manage Members’ tab shows all members on the platform (even the hidden profiles) and is only visible to admins.

Q: Why do I have to go to my email every time I want to log into the platform? It feels like a poor user experience.

A: Instead of using a password for access, email verification is Ten Thousand Coffees’ security measure. Email verification is the highest level of security that exists today.

Q: How do users delete their profile/account?

A. Please ask users to click on the picture of themselves on the top right of the page. Click on Settings. Scroll down to the bottom and delete the account.

Q: How do users turn my introductions off?

A. Please click on the picture of themselves on the top right of the page. Click on Profile. Click “more” on the bottom of the Hub image. Click “Edit” and scroll down to “Interactions” to turn introductions off.

Q: I was asked by a user, ‘Why did I get re-introduced mid-cycle?’ - what happened there?

A. Likely, that person’s introduction opted out mid-cycle, so they were re-matched! For more detail, please connect with your Ten Thousand Coffees Client Success Manager.

Q: When signing up, how do users indicate that if they want to sign up as a mentor or mentee? 

A. Users can indicate this when they’re selecting goals and opt to share their skills or learn from others.

Q: How do I invite members to the program?

A. Please refer to the tenthousandcoffees.com/schools page to find your school's signup link.

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