Q: When I attempt to follow a signup/login link from my email I receive a notification that my link is expired or invalid, what does this mean?

A: When following a signup or login email link there are a few conditions. The links are only valid within an hour of them being sent. If you are trying to follow the link after the initial 60 minutes you will have to request a new link. Certain links are also only able to be selected once. If you are attempting to follow the signup or log in link multiple times over you will not be able to and will have to request a new link.

Q: I never received my log-in link/email verification/sign-up email.

A: Occasionally emails will be sent to another folder in your inbox, for example, 'spam' and so it will appear that you have not received the requested email. We suggest looking in all potential folders for the email and whitelisting '@tenthousandcoffees.com' to ensure that all communications from the platform are properly received! Members may also not receive these emails due to mis-spelling their emails during sign-up/ login.

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