Q: What are the different parts of my profile?

A: There are two major sections on each profile: the personal profile information and the hub related information. An overview of all of this information can be seen in the 'Profile' tab on the profile.

Personal profile information includes any relevant information to a member, including their name, email(not visible) education, job, other links, and about. This information is generally available to other members in the same hub.

A: Hub related information includes the different hubs a member is in and their roles in these hubs. This basic information is also available to other members. In the 'Hub' tab, there is a more detailed overview only available to admins and members on their own profiles.

Q: How do I update my profile information?

A: To update profile information a member can navigate to their profile, available from the menu in the upper right-hand side of the platform. There is an 'Edit Profile' button available to update profile information. If a field is over the maximum character count the changes may not be saved, further help can be received from help@tenthousandcoffees.com. Profile pictures can be updated by selecting the edit button on the profile photo itself.

Q: How do I update my hub information?

A: To update hub information a member can navigate to their profile, available from the menu in the upper right-hand side of the platform. From here members can select the 'Hub' tab to see all information they have related to each hub they are in. There is an 'Edit' button available to update hub information.

Hub information related to matching preferences between roles and interests/goals can be edited on the home page of the platform.

Q: How do I change the email associated with my profile?

A: A member cannot change their email address from the profile page. If the hub has the option to edit their emails available to members, email address updates can be made from the 'Settings' page. If this option is not available a member can request further help from help@tenthousandcoffees.com.

Q: How do I optimize my profile?

A: We suggest that members make sure to fill out their profiles in their entirety to ensure that they will receive the most effect introductions. By filling out each profile section a member has a higher chance of being introduced to other members who have the same interests and goals. Filling out all profile information also aides other members when searching for relevant connections to reach out to!

Any further questions or issues can be inquired about at


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