Q: What are Introductions?

A: For all hubs that have automatic Introductions running, members who have their Introductions turned on will automatically receive an introduction to another member of the hub on a regular basis.

Members will receive their introduction on both the platform and by email. Through both of these means, members can reach out and begin a coffee chat with their introduction based on the wants/offerings they have in common, as well as other profile factors. Each cycle of Introductions works to give a member the most relevant match. The cycle length controlled by hub admins.

Q: Who will I be introduced to?

A: Members will be introduced to other members of the hub. Depending on the hub, a member will receive their introduction based on their role, wants/offers, hub specific information, as well as their profile. Some introductions are limited between members due to hub specifications.

Q: What can I expect to receive?

A: Unless otherwise specified in notification settings, members can expect to receive emails involving the initial introduction, a reminder of their introduction, and feedback on the introduction. This does not include notifications or communications received directly from a member's introduction.

Q: Why did I not receive an introduction when I joined a hub?

A: There are typically three reasons why a member will not automatically receive an introduction when joining a hub that currently has Introductions running. Some hubs have members initially opted out of Introductions. This setting can be altered by the member in their profile or on the hub home page.

Members will also not automatically receive an introduction if they join a hub most of the way through a cycle. This is to ensure that each member gets the maximum amount of time with each introduction.

There may also be no introductions available when a member first joins. They will receive an introduction as soon as one becomes available!

Q: Why is my introduction not responding to me?

A: Occasionally members will not receive a response when reaching out to their introduction. If this is because a member has opted-out of Introductions or becomes unavailable you will be notified and receive a new introduction as soon as possible.

We encourage members to reach out to all of their introductions. Unfortunately, an introduction may not respond after the first communication. We are continuously monitoring and working to ensure that all members receive active introductions.

Q: How do I opt-out of introductions?

A: To opt-out of introductions, a member can go to one of three places: The first is to follow the 'Opt-Out' link at the bottom of any Introduction communication email. The second is to turn off Introductions in the hub profile information. The third is to opt-out from the hub home page.

Members also have the option to 'Pause' Introductions. This allows members to pause their introductions for a specified amount of time without completely withdrawing. This can be done from the home page of the hub.

Members who opt-out of Introductions can opt back in at any time.

Any further questions or issues can be inquired about at help@tenthousandcoffees.com.

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