Q: What is the difference between pausing and opting out of Introductions?

A: Pausing introductions allows members to selectively remove themselves from automatic introductions for a scheduled amount of time. Opting out of Introductions completely removes a member from automatic Introductions indefinitely. Members who have opted out or paused their Introductions can re-join at any time.

Q: How to pause Introductions?

A: To pause Introductions, log on the the platform and selecting to 'Pause Introductions' from the home page. If you are on a laptop/desktop you will find the option to the right hand side of the page, and if you are on mobile you can find the option by scrolling down!

The home page is not the same as the profile page, the home page is the hub home page and is where all introduction information is available. It can be navigated to from the profile page by clicking on the 'Hubs' tab and then again on the name of the hub. It can also be reached by clicking on the name of the community in the upper left hand side of the page.

Q: How to opt out of Introductions?

A: There are three ways to opt-out of Introductions:

1. All emails related to Introductions have an 'Opt-Out' option at the bottom of the email. By clicking on this a member will be directed to opt-out of Introductions.

2. A member can opt-out via pausing Introductions. When a member selects to 'Pause Introductions' they will also be given the option to instead completely opt-out. Directions on pausing Introductions can be found above.

3. Members can opt-out of Introductions from their profile page. In the 'Hubs' tab a member can select to 'Edit' one of their hub preferences. At the bottom of the Edit options a member can select to disable the 'Can be introduced to other members automatically' option.

Q: How to re-join Introductions?

A: A member can rejoin introductions by re-enabling the option 'Can be introduced to other members automatically' from the 'Hub' tab of their profile or by selecting to 'Opt In to Introductions' from their home page.

Any further questions or issues can be inquired about at help@tenthousandcoffees.com.

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