Q: Why am I not receiving a login/sign-in/ verification email?

A: Occasionally emails will be sent to another folder in your inbox, for example, 'spam' and so it will appear that you have not received the requested email. We suggest looking in all potential folders for the email and whitelisting '@tenthousandcoffees.com' to ensure that all communications from the platform are properly received! Members may also not receive these emails due to mis-spelling their emails during sign up/ login.

Q: What emails should I be receiving?

A: Members who have not otherwise altered their notification or email settings should expect to receive the following communications:

  • Initial Introduction and reminder

  • Introduction Feedback

  • Communications from Introduction

  • New Office Hours and updates

  • RSVP confirmations and reminders for Office Hours

Members may receive other communications depending on the hub and admin specifications.

Q: What does it mean when I am taken to a 'Wrong Link' page?

A: If users are taken to a 'Wrong Link' page when following an email link please contact help@tenthousandcoffees.com for further assistance.

Q: Why can I not follow an email link?

A: Members experiencing issues following email links may be experiencing one of the following issues. If the resulting link takes the user to a third party page or has an internal loading error this is typically due to security measures established by the company email or network a member is using. Settings may cause email links to have a safeguard on them to prevent malicious attacks. Members should contact their company or school IT for further assistance or edit their email settings to allow for access to Ten Thousand Coffees links.

Members who experience a page loading issue when clicking on a link are recommended to hard refresh their browsers.

Members who have missing or 'incorrect' links should contact help@tenthousandcoffees.com for further assistance.

Q: How do I unsubscribe from emails?

A: To unsubscribe from emails from Ten Thousand Coffees you can either follow the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email or reach out to help@tenthousandcoffees.com.

Any further questions or issues can be inquired about at help@tenthousandcoffees.com.

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