Q: What are the different configuration sections?

A: There are four sections when configuring the hub Introductions: Roles, Suggested Topic, Topics and Goals, and Custom Segments.

Roles are used for defining each member of the hub. They are required for each member. Configuration of roles allows selection of what other roles a member can and cannot be matched with. If role A is defined as being matched with only role B, they will only ever be matched with role B, unless the 'Next Best Match' is allowed. Every role has the option of being matched to every other role and itself. Role configuration sets hard matching rules between members of the hub. At any point in time, a new role can be added or removed.

Suggested Topic is defined by the hub admins and is suggested as the leading topic of conversation every-time a member receives a new introduction.

Topics and Goals are account-specific configurations. They represent what members want to learn versus what they want to teach to others. These topics, while defined by the admins, are selected by each member according to their interests. These wants vs offers are used when introducing members. Topics and Goals can be tailored to the goal of the hub by admins. New topics and goals can be added, changed, or deleted at any time.

Custom Segments are extra segments added to help define the Introduction rules between members of a hub. These segments are completely defined by the admins of the hub. They include the title of the segment and all available options underneath that topic. Each segment allows for custom matching rules between the options within them. For example, if the segment is location-based, a member who is in the United States can have their Introductions limited to only others in the United States. This is a hard matching rule unless the 'Next Best Match' option is selected.

Roles and custom segments have an extra option to allow for 'Next Best Match' to be selected. If this option is turned on members of the hub will not be as restricted in their Introductions. Members will be matched with their best match, however, if there is no 'best match' within the specified configurations, they will be found the best introduction outside of those configurations.

Q: Who can edit configurations?

A: All levels of admins can edit hub configurations.

Q: What can members do to configure their Introductions?

A: If the option is turned on in the tenant, members can further restrict who they are introduced to. Depending on their role, members can select other roles they specifically want to be matched with. As well, members can choose their preferences for Topics and Goals that they want their introductions to include.

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