Q: What are the abilities of hub admins?

A: Hub admins have abilities restricted to the hub that they are the admins of.

Hub admins can invite new members to the hub and approve of members who have requested to join the hub. As well they can edit the hub settings to change who is allowed into the hub. Hub admins can also edit other hub settings such as visibility, hub picture, title, and description.

Hub admins can add other admins to the hub and manage the members of the hub. Managing members includes altering their hub specific information such as their role and their ability to be introduced. This management also includes the ability to remove members from the hub. This can be done on the users profile in the 'Hub' tab or the 'Manage Member' tab. Hub admins can also export all member information.

Hub admins can also change the Introduction configurations of the hub and the schedule for the Introduction cycle. They are also able to see current and past matches via the Introduction dashboard and can export the matches.

Hub admins can create, edit, delete, and approve Office Hours and News (if enabled in the hub). This ability covers any Office Hours or News, not just the ones created the hub admin.

Hub admins can view the data dashboard which includes visuals on multiple different values across the hub, including members joined, members by role, Introduction information, as well as more in-depth visuals on goals and interests and profile completion. This data can also be exported.

Hub admins cannot delete member profiles completely nor can they change the personal profile information of a member. Hub admins cannot access other hubs that they are not a member of.

Q: What are the abilities of tenant admins?

A: Tenant admins have all of the abilities that a hub admin has. Tenant admins also can delete accounts and edit personal profile information of members.

Tenant admins can view all members in the tenant, even those not in any hubs. They can also view all hubs in the tenant even if they are not a member of them.

Tenant admins can add or delete other tenant admins.

Tenant admins can alter the settings of the tenant. These settings are reflected across all hubs and include enabling office hours and new, the tenant name and join method, and allowing members to change their email.

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