Q: What are common platform communications members can expect to receive?

When signing up members can expect to receive a verification email, as our platform is password-less and relies on email for platform authorization. Members will also receive an email anytime they log in.

If a member has not verified their email or has only partially completed the creation of their profile they will receive a re-engagement email.

Members who join hubs, not through invitation will receive an email welcoming them to the hub they have joined. These members will also receive a notice that they have opted into Introductions.

Once on the platform, members who participate in Introductions can typically expect to receive three stages of introduction emails: the initial introduction, a reminder email, and an email asking for feedback. If the member has a conversation with their introduction they will also receive an email letting them know they have unread messages. If a match becomes unavailable or the member does not initially receive an introduction, the member will get an email letting them know that they will receive an introduction as soon as possible.

Depending on the Office Hour and the options selected when publishing, updating, or canceling, a member will receive an email notifying them of new, updated, or canceled Office Hours. If a member has RSVP'd to an Office Hour they will be informed of their confirmation or waitlist status and reminded of the event the day before it is set to happen. Office Hour hosts will receive an email letting them know they are going to host an Office Hour, as well as a conversation guide.

If a member is inactive on the platform, after a hub specific amount of days they will receive an engagement reminder.

Q: What are common platform communication admins can expect to receive?

Admins can expect to receive all of the same communications that a member receives for all of the hubs that they are a member of unless they have adjusted their settings or opted out of Introductions.

Admins can also expect to receive emails based on the data pulls they make on platform, as we export platform data CSV's through email.

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