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How To Track Clickbank Sales With Pixel Tracking
How To Track Clickbank Sales With Pixel Tracking

In this article we'll be walking you through how to set up conversion tracking with Clickbank offers.

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After logging in to your ClickBank account:

  • Go to Settings > MySite.

  • Scroll Down to the Integrated Sales Reporting section.

  • Click on "add tracking code".

  • Under type select "Tracking Pixel"

After clicking on add tracking code, log into your test easily account:

  • Go to Campaign > Creatives > Links & Code 

  • Scroll down to the Conversion Tracking section

  • Copy the main URL within your conversion tracking pixel and add it to the tracking URL section within Clickbank

  • Select track as "Affiliate" and ONLY select the tick box: "AFFILIATE_COMMISSION" and uncheck all of the other parameter options.

  • On 'Where To Fire' select "Confirmation Page"

  • Press Save

By default, Clickbank will keep your newly added pixel set to "Inactive." So the last step is to make sure your newly added pixel is set as "Active."

To do so, navigate to integrated sales reporting, and on the left hand side of your newly added pixel you'll see an "Actions" column. 

Simply click the green play button to set your pixel as Active and make sure the status changes from "Inactive" to "Active"

Now, each time you generate a sale in clickbank, clickbank will fire a conversion into test easily which you'll be able to see within your tracking reports!

You'll only need to do this process once and you'll be able to view conversions with all clickbank offers you promote!

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