Landing page personalisation can instantly help you to increase your conversion rates on leads, sales, and revenue with your current marketing campaigns! 

With test easily's landing page personalisation options, you'll be able to use information about a visitor and leverage it to turn a higher profit with your campaigns & engage with a higher percentage of your user who feel like your message is specifically for them! 

With test easily, creating personalised landing page's couldn't be easier!

How To Set Up Landing Page Personalisation With Test Easily

  • Step 1 - Turn Either 'A|B Testing' Or 'Multivariate Testing' On 

  • Step 2 - Navigate To The Visual Editor & Double Click On Any Text Area

  • Step 3 - Click On The "Person" Icon & A Drop Down Menu Will Appear

  • Step 4 - Select From The Drop Down Menu Which Snippet Of Information You Would Like To Dynamically Display On Your Landing Page & Personalise Your Message

  • Step 5 - Save Your Edit's & Visit Your Campaign URL To View The Dynamic Content

The following are test easily's text snippets which will dynamically display visitor information on your landing pages. 

  • {%city%} - City

  • {%country%} - Country

  • {%time%} - Time

  • {%date%} - Date

  • {%datetime%} - Date &Time

  • {%ukdate%} - UK Formatted Date

  • {%ukdatetime%} - UK Formatted Date & Time

  • {%referrer%} - Domain The User Came From

E.g A Visitor From London In The United Kingdom Who Visit Your Campaign URL:

  • {%country%} Users From {%city%} Get 50% Off

  • United Kingdom Users From London Get 50% Off

Or A Visitor Coming From On July 25th Would See: 

  • {%referrer%} Users Get A Free Trial Today! {%date%}  Sale Only!

  • Facebook Users Get A Free Trial Today! July 25th Sale Only!

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