Our 'Advanced Monetisation' option allows you to set up back-button redirect's which can rewrite a visitor's browser “history” and you can send that visitor to new test easily campaign which you'll be able to specify. So when someone hits the “back” button on their browser, it will load the test easily campaign you’ve specified, instead of actually returning to the previously visited url. 

4 Steps For Setting Up A Back Button Redirect

  • Step 1: Create A Separate New Campaign To Send Your Back Button Traffic To

  • Step 2: Select A 'Traffic Source' That Has An Ad Token Assigned To It To Your Back Button Campaign

  • Step 3: Turn 'Advanced Monetisation' On With The Campaign That You Would Like To Redirect Your Back Button Traffic From 

  • Step 4: In The Monetisation Tab That Appears, Select Your Back Button Campaign

Once you follow these steps, each time someone hits the back button on your main campaign, they will be redirected to your back button campaign giving you another chance to monetise your website visitors!

Test easily will also display the name of the campaign that the visitor came from within your back button campaign so you can accurately see how much extra revenue each of your campaign's generated!

7 Ways To Monetise Your Back Button Traffic

  • Send Your Website Visitors Directly To The Same Offer

  • Send Your Website Visitors To A Different Landing Page In The Same Niche

  • Send Your Website Visitors To A Landing Page In A Different Niche 

  • Sell The Back Button Click To A Pop / Redirect Traffic Network 

  • Send Your Website Visitors To A Website That You Own Within That Niche

  • Send Your Website Visitors To An Email Capture

  • Send Your Website Visitors To A Smartlink

Please note, not all traffic sources allow back button redirects so please make sure you get permission from your traffic source before using this feature! But this feature once added can easily add up to an additional 30% ROI to your current marketing campaigns.

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