You can pass URL parameter values to your landing page and offer URL's using the options available when creating a new lander or offer. 

This can be very useful especially when you want to pass information to your affiliate network or to an advertiser to help them better optimise your campaigns with sources of traffic that they want more of and help them optimise out traffic that they want less of. 

First of all you will need to go to the traffic sources page and create a new traffic source and add the custom tokens that the traffic source uses.

Each token you add will be assigned a specific number:

In this case, we've added 6 tokens to our traffic source: 

Token 1 - sourceid
Token 2 - {BanName}
Token 3 - {AdID}
Token 4 - {SpotName}
Token 5 - {Location}
Token 6 - {SiteName}

Once you've saved your traffic source, you will then be able to head over to the landers or offers page to add your landing page URL's and offer URL's into test easily.

When you create a new offer or lander, you will notice in the "Tokens" section there are placeholders you can use in your offer and landing page URL's labelled {token1} all the way through to {token10}. 

Once these placeholders are inserted into your offer or landing page URL's, they will will be replaced with the specific tokens that you created when you set up your traffic source. And the data from these tokens will be added into your landing page or offer URL's! 

So in the illustration above, we wanted to pass ID's for different sources of traffic that we are advertising on into the offer URL. 

Now when we created the traffic source, we created a token for Source ID's and this was in the 1st position so it was therefore assigned as Token 1!

We placed {token1} in the position within our offer URL's where we wanted to pass our source ID's to the affiliate network so the affiliate network can help us better optimise our campaign by telling notifying us of the sources that back out for the offer owner and the sources that do not. 

As an example if your default test easily campaign URL was:{BanName}&AdID={AdID}&SpotName={SpotName}&Location={Location}&SiteName={SiteName}

You could manually change token 1, the "sourceid" in your campaign URL with a key that identifies a specific site you are advertising on such as: MOBHEADER-SITE1

So your campaign URL will look like this:{BanName}&AdID={AdID}&SpotName={SpotName}&Location={Location}&SiteName={SiteName}

When someone clicks on your offer URL:{token1}&aff_sub2={subid}

{token1} would get replaced with: MOBHEADER-SITE1 so that it becomes:{subid}

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