We are confident that you will pass with BarMax. If you don’t, you may be eligible for a refund if you meet the following criteria:

  1. Complete the full course.

  2. Share the official results within 2 weeks of receipt and request a refund

  3. Provide proof of purchase (a card statement, PayPal statement, or something that confirms a completed payment that is linked to your name–not an invoice or text document) and enrollment in a comparable course of equal or greater value

Students will receive a refund of the course fee, excluding NCBE licensing fees, as well as any shipping, handling, and/or processing fees. These amounts, if any, will be provided upon refund request.

For App Store purchases, the refund will exclude the 30% fee that is kept by Apple. For iPad bundles, the refund excludes the cost of the iPad, since we are unable to return it.

Upon refund request, the student’s access to BarMax will be removed and we ask that any printed course materials be returned.

This guarantee only applies to our California and Uniform Bar Exam comprehensive courses.

Students who were unsuccessful and used BarMax for more than 1 officially administered bar exam and students who enrolled after the start of the study calendar for their exam are exempt from this guarantee.

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