Does BarMax offer free MPRE prep?
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Not only do we offer free MPRE prep, but we are also the pioneers of the idea.

Prior to BarMax, there was no such thing as a free MPRE course—the only way to get MPRE prep was to put down a nonrefundable $250 deposit towards your bar review course.

But with the release of BarMax MPRE, law students across the country finally had access to a completely free MPRE course.

No deposit required. No other strings attached.

You'll get on-demand audio lectures accompanied by black-letter law outlines, 159 real MPRE questions from previous exams and 100+ flashcards to prepare you for exam day.

For students who need more MPRE practice questions we also offer two additional question banks, MPRE OPE 1 & MPRE OPE 2

Each question bank includes 60 questions licensed directly from the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE). While the NCBE sell these for $40 each you can buy them from us for only $24.99.

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