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Do you offer private bar exam tutoring?
Do you offer private bar exam tutoring?

Private Bar Exam Tutoring

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BarMax offers private tutoring with former bar exam graders.

Private tutoring is $250/hour.

We also offer tutoring packages starting at $2,295/ten hours of tutoring - saving $205.

For just $250 per hour you can work one-on-one with our tutors to improve your writing or address any other issues you encounter over the course of your review. Our tutors evaluate you on an individual basis and target your specific weaknesses so you can focus on the areas that will maximize your score.

Tutoring is scheduled at your convenience, and takes place via phone or video conferencing.

If you are interested in purchasing tutoring hours please call us at 855.483.7862.

We do not offer refunds on tutoring packages. 

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