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Does BarMax work for repeaters?

BarMax Repeater Testimonials

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BarMax changed my life. I had failed the bar exam twice using Barbri both times because my law school pushed Barbri on all of its students. Barbri cut off my access to their program after I failed twice and, to get it again I would need to pay thousands more. I found BarMax online and after doing some research and seeing so many students raving about the program I decided to give it a try.

My score went up drastically after BarMax and I passed the UBE bar exam! I couldn’t believe it, I had almost given up. Not only is BarMax half the price of other bar programs, but its study schedule is structured WAYYYYY better than Barbri and I felt like I learned twice as much as when I had studied the past two times. Plus, you get to keep access to the materials for life!! Read about BarMax and research it yourself. I will always recommend it to anyone I know who is studying for the bar. I am a BarMax believer!

Karina Rahall

I took the Cal Bar four times before I passed. While in law school, I served as a Representative for a widely popular study course. I studied for the Cal Bar using this well-known course without success. I was turned onto BarMax through a friend who used the same program and failed the Cal Bar three times. After using BarMax for the first time, my friend passed, as did I. I couldn't recommend BarMax any higher. It's affordable, convenient, and effective. I wouldn't be a lawyer today without BarMax.

Shannon Ripple

I was devastated when I failed to pass the CA bar on my first attempt in July 2012...after all I had spent thousands and used BARBRI (which had practically been presented as a guarantee to bar passage). BARBRI didn't adequately prepare me for the CA bar even though I followed their course to a T and I can safely say that many of their techniques simply don't work.

After searching online, however, I thankfully found out about BarMax. Of course, I followed the app study materials, created my own flashcards, and also customized my study schedule. I studied with BarMax on my iPhone and passed the CA bar exam in February 2013 so their bar prep approach 100% works.

Then I purchased the UBE app to prepare for the AZ bar exam this July 2015, and I just found out last weekend that I passed. Woohoo!

The BarMax bar prep program is awesome. And, since I also had to retake the MPRE for AZ bar requirements, I can add that BarMax MPRE prep is also wonderful as I got a high score even though I only prepared with a short refresher!

Thanks BarMax for creating a bar prep course that is affordable, convenient, and provides the essentials to passing practically any bar exam.

Keila Molina

About a month ago I found out that I passed the New York Bar Exam. WOOOHOOO!

Just a quick note of thanks for the BarMax product.

In the past I’d used BarBri, Emmanuel’s, Kaplan…you name it for Bar and MPRE exam studying. I squeaked out a passing score in Massachusetts on the second try after using BarBri but it wasn’t pretty. A few years later I moved to NY and needed to pass the bar again. I took the February 2012 exam (self study using BarBri notes/books) and failed.

I knew my brain just didn’t work with the traditional study courses and that I had to do something different for July 2012. I found BarMax and it finally worked! I improved my MBE score more than 15 points. The app wasn’t perfect and there were some kinks to work out but I was very happy with the product and would recommend it to students anywhere.

Lindsay Jansen

This was my 3rd sitting for a bar exam. I’d taken the CA bar twice with the assistance of Kaplan with disappointing results. For my first sitting for the UBE I decided to shop around, literally, for a bar prep and stumbled on BarMax. The price was right giving the timing and I signed up. The outlines were concise and to the point (unlike Kaplan’s which are long winded and drawn out) and in conjunction with assistance from my professors, I was able to take and pass the UBE on my first attempt.

The UBE is a different beast from the CA bar exam because of the difference in timing for essays but the prep provided by the company was phenomenal. You just have to put in the work. So a huge thank you to BarMax. I will be using them to resit for the CA bar. You do not need to spend thousands of dollars on prep to pass.

Sky Bailey

My name is Marsha. I am a woman who graduated from am unaccredited law school in 2009 and am now in my mid-fifties.

I am not the type of person who passes the California Bar…ever! Not because I am not smart enough…I am a registered nurse [RN] with a thirty-year career in ICU nursing. I studied hard and graduated top of my class. However, I am older, did not go to an ABA or CA accredited law school, and did not pass the first time, which places me in the repeater category. Statistically speaking, I had an eleven percent chance of passing the bar in California. I spent more money on various bar review courses, including a one-on-one tutor than my entire legal education. I failed the CA Bar five times using five different methods of bar review.

BarMax came into my life when I got the failing bar results after my fifth attempt taking the CA Bar. Trust me, I had a lot of bar review methods to compare to BarMax.

BarMax simplifies and organizes the material in a way to make what you already know about the law accessible when crunch time hits during the exam. The flash cards are easy to memorize and remember while taking the bar exam. The comments on practice essays submitted to the BarMax graders are relevant and I believe made a difference when I did pass the bar. The lectures succinctly cover the material and there are plenty of real MBE questions, along with explanations, to practice on. There is also no need to lose any sleep worrying about how to organize study time…BarMax gives guidance in this area as well.

I believe BarMax made the difference when I passed the CA Bar Exam on my sixth attempt. I cannot even begin to express my gratitude to the BarMax team. I knew from the moment I signed up for BarMax that there were people who were there to ensure my success, believed in me as an individual, and taught me in a way that I, personally, could understand.

Thank you BarMax team, from the fullness of my heart.

Marsha Teasely

I would like to start by stating that I have tried other bar prep companies in the past. Unfortunately, they did not assist me in achieving the goal of passing the bar exam. I had heard and seen BarMax’s reviews before I decided to enroll in the program. I needed a flexible, accessible, and, relatively, cheap bar program in order to prepare me for the UBE July 2016 in Washington, D.C.

BarMax prep program fit perfectly in my personal and employment life. I may add that BarMax prep’s program structure is very simple. Last, but not the least, I only paid 500 dollars for the entire program. That’s nothing compared to the thousands you have to pay for other bar prep companies. How did I get that price? I applied to BarMax’s public interest scholarship, a 500 dollars award. I have been working at a federal agency for more than three years. Therefore, I was selected to receive such scholarship, which reduced the cost of the program to 500 dollars.

I really want to thank BarMax for the opportunity to overcome a major challenge in my life and career. I have no words to express all the gratitude that I owe you. Please continue assisting other future bar takers in achieving their goals of passing the bar exam.

Joel Leon

I graduated in May 2016 and started clerking for a district court judge in Saint Paul, MN, in June 2016. The legal job market in the Twin Cities is externally competitive and I could not pass up the opportunity for employment. I took the MN Bar in the summer of 2016 and again in the summer of 2017. I used Kaplan as a study resource, but could not find a good balance between keeping up their study schedule, working, and keeping myself somewhat sane.

The BarMax app enabled me to easily listen to lectures and drill multiple choice questions whenever I had downtime. I enjoyed BarMax and felt it was worth the investment. I sat for the MN Bar again this past February [2018], passed, and will be sworn in this coming May. Thank you BarMax!


It is thanks to BarMax that I passed the NY Bar exam.

I had failed the exam 4 times before, having taken and/ or used Barbri, PMBR, and None of these gave me the kind of practical, user-friendly review I got from BarMax. I also needed a comprehensive review since years had passed for me since my last attempt at the exam, and BarMax provided that as well. I was able to study, review, and do practice questions and essays practically anywhere and anytime that worked for me, on my own schedule, as long as I had my iPad with me.

The practice questions, in particular, and the ability through the app to easily gauge your progress on them was invaluable. really cannot recommend this product enough (in fact I already have to friends taking the July 2012 exam!) Admittedly, I thought the price tag was a bit steep when I purchased BarMax but I took a chance and it has been well worth it!

I paid 4 times that for other courses without the results. BarMax is the Bar review method of the future. I took a chance and succeeded, and if it worked for me it can work for anyone!

John Sweeney

I failed the NC Bar Exam in July of 2001 by 2 points. As it turned out, I already had a banking job within a Trust Department, so I didn’t need my license. For the last fifteen years, I have worked within banks of all sizes in Trusts, Estates and Wealth Management fields. After much consideration, I decided I wanted to go back and take the Bar Exam to start my own practice. Yes, this was quite a mid-life crisis job change! I researched all Bar Prep courses, and I found BarMax. While they did not have a specific NC course, I was concerned about the Multistate, so I ordered the program. I could not have been happier. 

The lecture/outline content is what you need to pass the Bar Exam-period, and the practice questions are absolutely right off the test. You can do practice questions on your phone or iPad at any time, and the whole system is user-friendly. Fifteen years after graduating from law school, I passed the Bar Exam and started my own practice. Thank you, Mehran and BarMax!

Susan Greeson

I first took the California Bar Exam after taking BarBri and failed. I felt I had been overwhelmed with information, the content was not focused, and the lectures were far too broad and lengthy.

After that, I simply used the books from the BarBri course, and a few others, and studied on my own. I felt it would be a waste of time and money to go through the entire BarBri course again, so I didn’t.

After failing again, I knew I needed something different, and BarMax provided it. The program is organized so well and it’s so easy to stay on task because the program is portable and put into an electronic calendar. I used my iPod touch for the program, and took notes on my iPad. I could study almost anywhere where concentration was possible.

Also, there’s a stark contrast in the substantive material as presented by BarMax vs BarBri. BarMax provides tightly focused, specific information and the tools they give you to help you remember the broader points are invaluable. It’s not overwhelming.

When I finally passed the exam using BarMax, During the exam, for every essay question, I wrote down the exact sentences provided in the outline for triggering my memory of the broader points. I really felt prepared for that exam for the first time. Afterward, to everyone that asked, I said, I can’t be absolutely sure that I passed, but I know I nailed those essay questions. It was a very good feeling.

You really can’t go wrong if you stick with the method they give you. It’s uncanny how much better this program is both in efficiency and substance, than any other source I used.

Anthony Garrido

After several unsuccessful attempts to pass the bar in California using various study aides, including the Kaplan bar prep, I found BarMax to prepare for the February 2017 Arizona bar exam (UBE). And I recently just found out I passed!

The amazing part is that I did this while working full-time! I couldn't have adequately prepared without BarMax. The on-the-go study app for the iPhone/iPad was so convenient. It allows you to study anywhere and at anytime. I would listen to lecture tapes while driving to work and had the ability to squeeze in MBE questions whenever time allotted.

The material is organized by subtopics under each main topic for easy memorization and reference. I also took advantage of personal tutoring with Mehran-he is an amazing tutor and his advice helped tremendously! Tutoring sessions were held right up to the day before the bar and even after the first day of the exam I was still getting advice on how to approach the next day.

I'm very grateful for such an organized straight to the point bar review, offered at a fraction of the cost. And for the graded essays, performance tests and tutoring! I would highly recommend this bar review!

Karen Wilson

BarMax is quite simply the reason I passed the New York Bar Exam.

I'm a foreign lawyer, so lacked the benefit of having completed an American JD prior to sitting the exams.

I'd tried Barbri and Kaplan, both of which disappointed and led to unfortunate exam results first time around. Unwieldy materials. Unfocused lecturers. Wrong emphases. None of which positioned the exam candidate as best they could do.

BarMax by contrast did exactly as claimed. They literally provide thousands of past exam MBE questions, one after another, with guidance for correct answers and a timer to foster discipline. Many hundreds of past essays to practice against are provided as well.

I got that email at 3am local time saying I passed my exams and the feeling of elation is hard to describe.

I'm recommending my friends all use BarMax when their time comes to sit the exam. I really can't recommend BarMax enough.

Michael Whitbread

As a 3rd year law student at the People's College of Law, an unaccredited law school, I can now say I'm one year away from taking the California State Bar Examination and becoming a lawyer.

The road was hard, mainly because there exist very few prep courses which focus on the First Year Law Student Examination.

After 2 years of studying and failing the exam—with no end in sight—I found BarMax. BarMax offers a mobile FYLSE prep course which can be accessed via iOS devices. It helped save me time and made it convenient to study on the go.

I can say without pretense that but for my commitment to succeed, the PCL Student Led Mocks and the use of BarMax as a supplement I would not have passed the First Year Law Student Examination.

Héctor Peña Ramírez

With the help of BarMax, I passed the February 2013 California bar exam on my second attempt! The first time I studied for the California bar exam, I used BarBri. During the BarBri program, I felt very overwhelmed by the number of daily assignments to complete as well as how to use the many different outlines provided for each subject. I spent a great deal of time trying to figure out how to best use the BarBri material. I also felt the BarBri MBE questions were different than the types of questions and material that I saw during the actual exam. Despite studying for long hours every day with BarBri, I was not making the progress I needed to succeed on exam day.

BarMax provided me with a more positive study experience than BarBri, because the BarMax program was very streamlined and manageable. I was able to accomplish all of the BarMax daily assignments each day and still had additional time to review material. BarMax provides one very comprehensive outline per subject. This was very helpful because I did not need to spend time comparing multiple outlines and different presentations of the material. As BarMax provides previously released MBE questions, I felt comfortable and prepared with the types of questions and material that were most likely to appear on the exam. Also, the feedback provided by the BarMax graders on my essay submissions was insightful; I could tell the graders spent time to read, analyze and comment on my essays. With the BarMax program, the time I spent studying was efficient, effective and I was making progress each day and week.

Finally, it was very helpful to have all of the material, including outlines, flashcards, lectures, and MBE questions, on my iPhone. With BarMax, I did not need to carry around multiple heavy books. I could easily practice a few MBE questions, listen to a particular section of a lecture, or review a part of an outline, while on the go!

After studying with BarMax, I felt very prepared on exam day. I would highly recommend BarMax to anyone studying for the California Bar exam, especially to anyone retaking the exam, who is unsure about how to re-approach studying.

Thank you BarMax for helping me pass the California bar exam!

Jamie Horowitz

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