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Taking the BarMax MPRE prep course gave me the confidence to not only “pass” but to “ace” the MPRE. According to National Conference of Bar Examiner official statistics kept on all test takers from 2008 to 2017, my MPRE scaled score of 123 put me in the top 4.9% of 219,457 Exam takers on for the March MPRE.

I'm in the top 10,753 and only 3,730 score in the combined levels above mine (ie 130 and 140). Because BarMax uses only actual exam questions and includes excellent rule based instruction, I had the abundance of confidence I needed to do better than my wildest expectations.

Competing only against actual and potential law school graduates on a nationwide level in a uniform exam that essentially ranks you amongst your peers is very intimidating. I would never want to be without BarMax for the experience considering this prep course enabled me to achieve a scaled score far beyond what I ever believed possible.

Benjamin Brandt

I used your study materials for the March MPRE . . . I scored a 119!!! Thank you!

I thought your questions were the most helpful. When I first began studying, I was using Kaplan and Barbri. Barbri did not have much to offer and, in my opinion, was not even comparable. I liked Kaplan, until I began finding several incorrect answers, as well as contradictions in the lectures vs. practice exam Q&As. My girlfriend studied using Themis, but I've never been a fan.

Thanks again! I recommended you to everyone!

Natalie Hillman

BarMax’s MPRE course is absolutely phenomenal! I took the MPRE twice and felt nearly defeated when I happened to stumbled upon BarMax’s course! I took a leap of faith and committed to their well-crafted process! I’m happy to say I passed! Thank you BarMax!

Connor Hollis

Practice makes perfect and it’s easy to practice on BarMax, I used it for both the MPRE and to prepare for the California Bar. The answer explanations are what sets this program apart from the rest! It is one of the only programs that also includes explanations on incorrect answers, which makes it really easy to nail down both the rules and their respective applications.

Irasema Rocha

I wholeheartedly endorse BarMax’s MPRE exam prep study program. The materials are very comprehensive offering a mix of lectures, flash cards, and study questions. I felt the questions that are offered in the free MPRE study bank were great. However, I also purchased two additional MPRE question banks that they offer, and I felt they provided me an additional level of relevant questions and confidence taking the exam. I felt that I was thoroughly prepared for the questions that I faced on the exam. I was not surprised by any subject matter and/or questions that I was not familiar with. The question debriefs offered in the BarMax MPRE practice questions proved invaluable to me, as they not only familiarize you with possible questions, but also provide you a review of the black letter professional responsibility and ethics law.

I wish you all good luck and success as you pursue the score you want on the MPRE Exam.

Walter Boyd

I was required to take the MPRE again years after my law school days in order to be waived into a jurisdiction that required it. I was terrified. The BarMax MPRE program far exceeded my expectations and through the course and the practice questions, I was able to achieve a great score. It was amazing to me how close much of the materials provided mirrored the test contents. I would highly BarMax to anyone taking the MPRE or any bar exam.

Emily Russell

The BarMax MPRE course saved me for the MPRE this Spring. It had been a few years since I had taken Professional Responsibility in law school. It's well organized, easy to use, and includes concise explanations for sample questions. I came out of the MPRE feeling uncomfortably confident and overly prepared. It's definitely worth your time and money.

Emily Laskowski

Thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to share my Barmax MPRE experience.

I learnt about BarMax from my friend who took BarMax MPRE and passed the MPRE administered on Nov 4, 2017.

The lectures were nicely explained topic wise and I understood the material very well.

The Professor's excellent explanation skills helped me retain the material so well and I did not require any hard copy of the lectures.

I recall listening to some lectures more than once just to make sure I understood the topic. I did not proceed in my lectures unless I had understood the previous topics.

BarMax laid a good foundation of topics for me to execute well on the exam and my MPRE scores for 24th March 2018 exam scaled score was 96. I truly suggest students do not take this exam for granted. One must study for this exam practice the exams.

I take this opportunity to thank each and every one from BarMax plus all those who communicated via immediate chat whenever I signed onto BarMax asking me if I needed any help.

Farzana Ahmed

BarMax was essential to me passing the MPRE! I used the program as directed and listened to the lectures and followed along with the outline most of the time, other times I just listened. Then I reviewed the flash cards and did the review questions. The lectures were broken down into short digestible sections. This made it easy to absorb and retain the information. My overall score with BarMax’s free MPRE program from was about a 78 but I ended up with a scaled score of 116 in the February 2018 MPRE. I would definitely recommend this program to prepare for the MPRE. Thanks again BarMax!

Jessica Wallace

The people and materials at BarMax are great. All of the individuals I interacted with are friendly and very responsive, that chat feature is very helpful. The level of practice tests were consistent with the practice test offered by the NCBE but at a more economical price. I was very satisfied and would use them again and would recommend them as preparation for taking the MPRE exam.

Kevin Freeman

I was extremely happy with BarMax MPRE prep. My score increased by nearly 30 points by using the course. The course was both informative and practical with actual test questions. It was a relief to have this aide after being out of school for two years and having already passed the bar exam.

Matthew Roche

I used BarMax to study for March 2018 MPRE and passed on the first try. What a great resource and the study materials were absolutely free!

Michelle Holmes

I passed the MPRE by a comfortable margin by doing your practice questions and reviewing the answer explanations. I learned a lot more that way than by reading the substantive material. Many thanks BarMax!

Karen Sam

BarMax offer sample test questions and explanations that you should use to get a passing score on the MPRE. Worked for me.

Dan H

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