In this tutorial, we are going to explain how to install a TestProject Agent on a Linux machine.:

  1. Download the Linux Agent from the "Agents" section

  2. The downloaded Agent is a .sh file called: ""

  3. Right click on the "" file -> Properties -> Permissions -> enable the "Execute" permission for that file.

  4. Open the folder that contains this file on terminal.

  5. Run this file by typing: ./

  6. Follow the installation instructions in the terminal.

  7. After the Agent was successfully installed on your machine, click on the "Register Agent" option here and follow the instructions.

  8. To start the Agent, simply navigate to the Agent folder (in Ubuntu: /home/YOUR_USERNAME/testproject/agent/bin) and run: ./testProject-agent-app in terminal

That's it! Now you have a TestProject Agent installed on your Linux machine.
Happy testing :)

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