One of the key features of TestProject is team collaboration. We allow you and your other team members to work together under the same account in an Agile environment. This way, you can all share your: Agents, test cases, data sources, reports, applications, etc. For example, one team member can execute a test/job on a remote agent. That of course, makes your work much more efficient and easy.

To add a new team member, click on the "Invite Teammate" button at the top of the page:

Now, you need to provide your other team member's email address. Then, simply click "Next":

In this window, you will be presented with the options for granting permission for your team member. You can restrict him to specific projects, or grant him administrator rights. Then, click on the "Finish" button:

That's it! Your team member will get an email with a link to join your account. He will have to create a new user in your account (with his own credentials).

Still need help? Feel free to reach out to us at any time in the Chat or Forum. Or explore more in our official Documentation 😉🎓

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