Combining a test inside another test, can really simplify your test maintenance. Instead of having an enormous test with hundreds of steps, you can create separate tests as your building blocks and then, combine them into one master test.

To add a test as a step inside a bigger test, you need to create a new step manually. Click on the "+" icon:

In the "Type" section, click on the "Element action" button to change the step type:

Change the type to "Test":

Now we need to select the test that we want to add to our main test:

Select the test that you want to add. You can also use the search option:

If the test that you want to add has parameters in it, you will be presented with a pop-up window that will ask you if you would like to add those parameters into your main test.

That's it! Now you can click on the "Create" button to add the new test into your main test.

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