Sometimes you'll want to run your web tests on mobile browsers.
There are a few ways of achieving this, we'll go other them here.

The first way is by simply starting to run the web test as you usually would.

And then once you have reached the browser selection, switch over to the Mobile tab.

From here you can select a browser on your local mobile device.
In case you have integration with Sauce Labs and BrowserStack services you can use remote devices as well.

The second way is by creating a new job.

Select either Android or iOS and continue creating the job as you usually would by selecting either a browser on a connected device or choosing an available service.

After the job is created, select the web tests you'd like to run on mobile and drag them into the job to assign them to it.
Now, you simply need to run the newly created job, and your web tests will run on a mobile browser, Chrome for Android and Safari for iOS.

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