In case you integrate your TestProject account with Sauce Labs or BrowserStack, you will be able to execute your recorded tests on one of the platforms by using your Local Agent or with a Virtual Agent created by TestProject automatically.

If you decide to use a Virtual Agent you will be able to run as many tests or jobs as you want simultaneously, while using your Local Agent for execution will allow you to run your tests one by one.

When selecting an agent for your test you will notices new execution options.
This means that your agent will trigger the execution on one of the platforms

Sauce Labs and BrowserStack are cloud based mobile and web testing platforms that are integrated with TestProject.
By using these services, both you and your team can run your tests in the cloud on 1000's of on-demand browsers, operating systems and mobile devices without being required to maintain your own hoard of virtual or local devices.

Using them is as simple as selecting them when starting to run a test, and from there just select one of the many available options.

**Please note, while the services are integrated with TestProject, they each require their own account to be setup in order to be used.

You can read more about how to create your account and connect it with TestProject for each one of these services at:

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