If you want to share tests in TestProject there are multiple options to do so we will elaborate on how to share a single test and how to share multiple tests.

Share a single test

1) Use a direct link or email

Can be done by clicking on the context menu of the test --> share test:

1) We can share a link to the test using the email field.

2) We can share the direct link.

2) Share your test as a file

We can save our test as a file:

We can share the file using any platform we choose.

Share multiple tests

Use a project to share multiple tests

To share multiple tests we can simply follow these steps:

a) Duplicate a project in our account.

b) Remove or keep the tests we want to share.

c) We can change the name of the project to Shared tests for instance.

d) Invite the user to our account.

e) Give the user permissions to the project:

Share multiple tests using subtests

To share multiple tests as we can use nested tests first we will create a new test. now let's edit the test and use the following button to add all the tests we would like to share:

We are going to "SAVE & EXIT" and now we can simply share this test as a file a direct link or via email. any subtest inside the test we shared will be saved in the file or will be available to the user when sharing

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