Sometimes you will need to copy text from your application and paste it somewhere else, or you will need to copy a text and use it for comparison later.

In that case, you will need to use Test Parameters. to achieve a full copy and paste follow these steps:

First, get the text and add that to the parameter:


Like this:

Create a parameter:

Name it, and then leave the default value empty if it's dynamically assigned during the test.

Select your parameter:

And Save the step:

Now to use it hover over the element and use double "SHIFT" to open the element inspector in the field Actions choose Type text action:

Then choose the text parameter that you have created:

Select this:

and save the step:


So now you can run your flow and save text into a parameter and type or use it as you want.

The text will be taken, assigned into the parameter, and then typed on the field:



If you want to save the value of the parameter and use it in a different test you should create a Project Parameter and use it instead of the Test Parameter.

Project parameters keep their assigned values outside of execution.

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