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How to set up Cloud Storage?
How to set up Cloud Storage?

Backed up to the Cloud

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Cloud is a great way to give your clients peace of mind to know that their footage will be there when they need it. TetherX lets your select which cameras you want to be backed up to the cloud.

Accessing the Cloud Storage Page

1. This section will explain how to enable cloud storage on your cameras Access the Cameras page

Note: When locating the cameras for the cloud, you can either:

Select from a client’s specific timeline (recommended if selecting a subscription just for one client)

2. Or alternatively, look at all timeline cameras (recommended if you are doing bulk adjustments). Locate the camera you want to back to the cloud and click the name of the camera

Note: Notice under the subscription column you can see a red box named No Cloud Backup. This means your camera is not backed up in the cloud. If anything happens to your TetherBox (e.g. it is stolen) you will lose all footage from this camera.

3. Once inside the camera scroll to the bottom of the page and click Edit

4. Select the Subscriptions tab:

5. Adjust the sliders to match your need:

6. Tap Subscribe and confirm your subscription

Clicking "Update Plan" will automatically begin cloud backup and generate a new or update an existing invoice.

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