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Access, Filtering, Export data from Audit Log

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The Audit Log provides administrators and integrators with the ability to view a record of every action within the system. This includes what each user viewed, how long the user was in the system, changes made within the Timeline by all user types. You can also see any deletions (of events, devices, etc.), changes/deletions to cameras (and other devices), and much more. All audit events are stored and do not expire from the date they occurred.

Accessing the Audit Log

In your TetherX account click the More drop-down located at the main navigation bar

Click an Audit Log button to navigate you to the audit page:

Filtering the Audit Log

In the example below each digit beside the left-hand filters represents a different filter category you can apply to the Timeline audit log. These rules provide you with a way to efficiently narrow your search and display only relevant information.

Note: Please read the table below for an explanation of each pointer

Filter By User Type

Select the sessions of a specific user type to show sessions by Admins, Integrators, Users, or Guests.

Available User Type Filters:

  • Guest: This is a user with temporary access to the system. For example, someone who was sent a link to an event within the Timeline.

  • Integrator: The person or company setting up this system

  • Admin: A trusted user that will have full rights to the system

  • User: A person with limited access to the system

Filter By Access Type

Using the Access Type filter, you can search for specific information relating to any viewed or downloaded footage, changes made, deleted items, or shared events. 

Available Access Type Filters:

  • Viewed or Downloaded Footage: Shows which user viewed or downloaded footage

  • Made Changes: Searches which user made an edit - e.g. reconfigured a camera or disabled a user

  • Deleted Items: Displays sessions where the user deleted information such as footage or users from the system

  • Shared Events: Filters by sessions where a user has shared an event with someone outside of the system

Filter By Session Duration

If needed the audit log can be filtered by the user’s session duration. This means you can view how long a specific user was logged into the timeline.

Available Session Duration Filters:

  • Short: All sessions under 60 seconds

  • Medium: All sessions between 1 - 60 minutes

  • Long: All sessions over 1 hour

Filter By Platform

Filtering by Platform displays information such as which device was used to access the Timeline. E.g. showing if the user accessed the Timeline on Windows 7 and used Google Chrome

Available Platform Filters:

  • Laptop / PC: Displays users which accessed the Timeline on a Laptop / PC and which platform/browser was used.

  • Tablet / Mobile:  Narrows the search to display users who accessed the Timeline on a mobile or tablet and which browser was used

Check Changes an Engineer Made Across All Timelines

Made Changes searches in which the user made an edit to the platform - e.g. reconfigured a camera or disabled a user.

1. Select All underneath the Timeline Tab

2. Select the second tab and from the drop-down search for the specific user

3. Select Made Changes from the By Access Type section.

4. Your search will now be filtered showing the date and timeline the user Conor Sturgess made changes to

5. If you click underneath the Date / Duration column you can enter into a detailed view to show what changes were made

Exporting Data from The Audit Log

You can export data from the audit log into a CSV format. This is particularly useful when creating your reports or alternatively to analyzing the figures outside of the platform.

1. Go to the Audit Log and click the CSV button

Note: When you click CSV, it will download the data using the exact filters you have in place. 

2. Your CSV will automatically download to your Desktop

Search Across Multiple Sites

If you have permission to view multiple Timelines, you will be able to search across specific sites. This feature allows you to view each user session associated with the specific timeline.

Find All Sessions When Someone Downloaded Footage

Under the Access type filter, you will find an option named download footage clicking this option shows all sessions where users have downloaded footage.

1. Click Downloaded Footage

2. You will see your users will now be filtered by which have downloaded footage

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