Tether allows you to store and search license plate information from compatible cameras. It allows seeing license plate numbers together with video surveillance events as well as having a dedicated ANPR interface that can count vehicles per day, add advanced rules and more.


At present, we support Hikvision and Dahua ANPR cameras as well as ANPR cameras that support ONVIF.

Minimum Firmware Requirements:

  1. Dahua: ITC237-PF1A-IR, Software Version: 02.0000.1.R, build: 2017- 2-28

  2. Hikvision: DS-2CD4A26FWD-IZS/P, Software Version: V5.4.5 build 170731

Known Unstable Firmware:

  1. Dahua: ITC237-PF1A-IR, Software Version: V01.0000.1.R.2017-06-06


Step 1: Tunnel to the Camera

Alternatively: You can skip this step if you are on site and can access the camera directly by entering the local IP address.

1. Open the Cameras page by hovering over the Admin icon located at the top of the navigation bar and tapping Cameras.

2. Locate your ANPR camera. Now that have navigated to the Camera page, find the correct camera which matches the IP address of your Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera and click onto the camera name.

3. To open a tunnel by clicking the Open tunnel button underneath the Tunnels tab. Once opened, click the URL link which appears. Now you can log into your camera’s user interface.

Step 2: Camera Setup

Navigate to your camera configuration page and locate the section named Integration Protocol. Make sure Enable Hikvision-CGI is ticked and user is present in the list.

Navigate to your camera configuration page and locate the section named Road Traffic. Make sure to select Detection Type: Vehicle Detection and Realtime LPR Result.

Note: The options you see on your camera may be different depending on your camera model and firmware version. Please refer to the manufacturer's manual if you are unsure how to turn on license plate recognition on your camera.

Basic Functionality

Once you have completed the above steps, your ANPR camera will now be detecting vehicles and license plates. The following steps will help you gain access to the Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) feature. Accessing the Tether LPR feature.

1. Click or hover over the More panel located at the top of the navigation bar and click ANPR to navigate to the ANPR page.

2. ANPR page. Now you are on the LPR page and will be presented with a graph showing you the number of vehicles per day captured, and also the raw data collected from the ANPR camera.

Advanced Functionality

For custom applications, please get in touch with us on, we have implemented functionality in the past such as automatic gate control, ability for users to login to a custom page to let guests in and more.

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