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Connecting a Texecom Alarm Panel
Connecting a Texecom Alarm Panel

How to connect your Texecom alarm panel to TetherX

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TetherX is compatible with Veritas, Premier, and Elite Alarms. We presently support connecting to the panel using a USB-COM cable:

Texecom USB-COM Interface Connector JAC-0001

Note: We cannot connect to "Texecom SmartCom" at present, but this is on our roadmap for 2021.

Step 1 of 3: Connect Texecom with USB-COM to your TetherBox

Install the Texecom Elite as per Texecom supplied installation instructions (downloadable from

Step 2 of 3: Open the Alarms Page

  • Open Admin > Alarms

  • Click on New Alarm

  • Give the alarm panel a name

  • Select the TetherBox the panel is connected to

  • Select alarm type: Texecom

  • Enter the UDL Password for the panel

  • Click Create

Step 3 of 3: Once the alarm is activated it is ready to use

The TetherBox will attempt to connect to the panel, you should be able to:

  • See the alarm status in near realtime

  • Receive email and push notifications for alarm activations

  • Select the closest appropriate camera for every zone on your alarm panel

  • Have a full virtual keypad to remotely manage the alarm

  • And more...

IMPORTANT: Make sure the alarm is active

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