This is the equipment we recommend bringing with you to site:

Tools / Equipment

  1. HDMI Monitor

  2. HDMI adapters: HDMI to MiniDisplayPort / MiniHDMI / DVI
    (required by some units)

  3. USB Keyboard

  4. Philips Screwdriver

  5. Laptop with an Ethernet port or Ethernet adapter

Spare Components

You may want to have the following spares with you to avoid an extra visit to the site:

Power Supplies

Note: Power supplies with fewer amps than required will cause instability and/or periodically reboots.

  • TetherBox: USB-C: 5V, minimum 2.5a

  • TetherBox Pico: 19V minimum 3.43a (older units 12V, minimum 2.5a)


  • TetherBox: MicroSD 64GB (or larger) with pre-loaded software

  • TetherBox Pico / Giga: 2.5" SSD 120GB (or larger) with pre-loaded software


  • Spare PoE Switch

  • 2-3 Spare Cat5 Cables (different lengths)

  • Considering bringing a spare TetherBox

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