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2020 Q1 - Release Notes
2020 Q1 - Release Notes
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Interface/UX Improvements

  • Rich Text Editor: You can now add notes to Users, TetherBoxes, Cameras and Network Devices in rich text format, meaning you can keep all the key details in the TetherX platform.

  • Welcome Email: New branded welcome email in either the TetherX branding or your own custom branding, to onboard new users added to the platform.

  • Add a warning to the TetherBox table when network scanning is disabled

  • New TetherX It app for iOS

User Management / Permissions

  • Sensible user permission defaults for Users, Admins, Engineers, etc

  • Add a tick-box to enable audio challenge per user

  • Stop sending notifications from demo systems

Alarm Panels

  • Integration with CONXTD

  • Ability to send Texecom SIA alarms to CONXTD and to IP receivers

Video Surveillance

  • Add ability to change common camera settings without tunnelling to the cameras (through ONVIF)

  • Add company type and add some fields

  • Add support for Ganz camera PTZ

  • Add support for older Hikvision ANPR cameras

Bug Fixes

  • The map doesn't resize when resizing a window

  • Live view layout breaks when there are many cameras with errors

  • When searching for something specific in a table (e.g. a camera name), the search is not remembered when going back to the table

  • Timeout remembered searches after an hour to avoid confusion

  • Selecting TetherBox when editing a camera works now



  • Texecom POC - partitions, support for 24 zone panel, improvements

  • API for CONXTD

  • Audio Challenge for AllGuardAlarms

  • Ability to cycle presets in live view (required for India project)

  • Improved email styling

  • Add to email subject if the unit was switched on and operating while offline

  • New Distributor Mode that shows Map, Health and Stats (work in progress)

  • Staff notes are now required for every change so we have a record of why changes were made, we should be doing less ourselves and rather explaining to the integrators what to do.

  • New event view toolbar to set fit/fill, turn live preview on/off and set number of thumbnails per column

  • You can now reach us through live chat in the bottom right corner of your interface

Integrator Email

  • When a unit is marked "Confirmed Fault" it is now added to the integrator report with a short explanation of what failed

  • Add a list of cameras that haven't been recorded in 24 hours (could be normal or could be an issue)

  • Add a list of admins that haven't logged in, in 3 months

Bug Fixes

  • Make cloud price only visible to integrators

  • Filtering alarms by a company now works

  • Factory reset now deletes additional connected drives

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