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2020 Q2 - Release Notes
2020 Q2 - Release Notes
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  • New 64-bit TetherX app for Android

Small Improvements

  • TetherBox page now show SMART information from your internal and external drives

  • Show an explanation in the tooltip if there is a confirmed fault with the unit

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed sidebar scrolling on mobile

  • Speed up the ANPR page

  • When adding/removing Timelines for a user, it was previously updated in real-time, which made it difficult to cancel the change. Now it will only update after the "Update" button is pressed.


  • Made possible to factory reset without the unit being online



  • Support for exporting data to Excel (e.g. audit logs, cameras, users, etc)

  • Added toggle to be able to turn real-time updates on/off

Small Improvements

  • Detect and show if ONVIF is disabled on a camera

  • Improvements to audit session to make it easier to review

  • Fixed bug where search results weren't remembered

  • Added "Advanced" tab to a location to manually enter longitude/latitude for location.


TetherBox Management

  • Fix camera and audit tabs on the TetherBox page

Device Management

  • Add ability to search devices by IP and MAC address

  • Add ability to search cameras by location name, postcode, MAC, IP and vendor

Video Surveillance

  • Fix issue where some offline cameras were showing "Bad Path" incorrectly.

  • Show "Deleting" when a delete is in progress

  • Fix cloud quote tool to allow changing time-lapse interval

  • Live view now shows HD/SD toggle

  • Cameras now added with correct numbering "1, 2, 3" instead of "0, 1, 2"

Audit Log

  • Show names of timelines and companies instead of showing the IDs

  • Show the old and new camera masks in the audit log

  • Audit log for every resource (e.g. history of all changes to a camera, history of who viewed the event and when, etc)

Small Improvements

  • Improvements to events table: tooltips, animations, show who and event was closed by and when etc.

  • Add ability to add a profile picture to users

  • Add Apple Sign In

  • Add an "Activate New" to the admin and TetherBox index pages.

  • Remember when "all" is selected in the timeline filter

  • Improve styling in event filtering in the mobile app

Bug Fixes

  • Fix users table not filtering correctly

  • Fix table filtering intermittently returning old results

  • Fix camera scheduling interface rendering wrong

  • Fix ONVIF PTZ broken by the addition of a speed slider


Major Changes

  • Introducing Event Dismissing - The events interface, which shows a hybrid live / event view, now updates existing events and brings new events in real-time, with the ability to dismiss the event. This will hide the event from the default view without permanently deleting it.

    This is an ideal interface for environments that need to respond to real-time incoming events with an audit trail of who responded and after how long of a delay.


  • Interface polish across the board

Device Management

  • Deal with duplicate devices

  • You can now search by cameras and devices that are being monitored

Cloud Backup

  • Any flagged events that weren't cloud recorded on offline units at the time, will now automatically retry.

Bug Fixes

  • The full screen now works for cameras in "monitor" mode

  • Fixed being able to switch from "monitor" mode back to record mode, without needing to switch the camera off first


Major Changes

  • New Events - the events page was completely rewritten. The immediate improvements are it will now update in real-time as new events come in and it can be viewed as a list instead of as a thumbnail view.

    The new code driving this page means we can add many important improvements in the coming months including being able to dismiss events with a tap, being able to select multiple events at once for mass sharing / deleting, handing non-video surveillance events better and much more.

  • New process management on TetherBoxes - You may have noticed that sometimes when you toggle a camera on/off, it could take significant time to respond, especially when dealing with larger units, such as ones with 150 cameras on a single TetherBox.

    The way process management is handled was completely rewritten for speed and reliability and you should see significant improvements in the speed of commissioning new systems and changing settings on existing systems.

  • Significant Memory Optimisations - We changed how memory allocation works and optimised many parts of the software. This means the software should feel a lot more responsive and it also means existing units out there with less memory can be supported for many years to come.

Other Changes

  • Change the links in custom branded emails to point to the custom branded Timeline

  • Fix the brochure / quick start links in the welcome email

  • Fix events page not being tall enough to show the full filter menu

  • Add Fit/Fill to Event and Time-lapse thumbnails

  • Add Fit/Fill to Video Playback

  • Remember page number when going back to results

  • Improve toggle button styling

  • Improve styling of "Remote Live View Disabled" and similar permission restrictions:

  • Third-Party API / CONXTD

    • Add prev/next buttons for the recording player

  • When a camera appears to drop off the network, try to fall back to the last known IP

  • Significantly improve update cloud usability

    • When adding cloud to a new camera, it shows wrong defaults

    • When updating the camera, show a popup confirming that billing will be updated

    • There is a confirmation on the screen when a package is successfully updated

    • Show correct cancellation warning when cancelling a subscription

    • The "Update Plan" button should be orange and it should be greyed out (disabled) unless a change was made

    • All text, including: “Storing footage in the cloud gives you peace of mind that you...” is now translated

    • Sliders are in the correct place now when editing old subscriptions

    • Style improvements

    • Make sure ANPR subscriptions appear correctly in /subscriptions

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