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2020 Q3 - Release Notes
2020 Q3 - Release Notes
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Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Updated the Time-lapse interface to reduce flicker

  • Display CPU usage of each camera on the cameras page

  • Fixed a bug with a "Comment is invalid" error being displaced when toggling a camera on/off

Integrator only

  • All subscriptions are now monthly - We will add/remove units from your monthly invoice as they are switched on or factory reset, we will present our new billing philosophy at the upcoming partner conference.

  • New Quote Tool for Integrators - Access under Help β†’ Integrators β†’ IntegratorQuote Tool - this tool displays your partner price as well as a custom marked up price, to show when sitting down with your customer (default is 50% markup).

  • Improved API documentation for embedding live views on your own platform/website.

  • New User Permission Checkbox: allow changing subscriptions - this will allow the user to see and take out subscriptions, using your custom price (default 50% markup).

  • New User Permission Checkbox: allow support access - this will allow you to add engineers or other admin users that can see health information, without being able to access cameras.

  • Improvements to the subscriptions spreadsheet.



  • Event Comments - you can now comment on events, to give all information about the captured event in context.

  • Grouped Emails - When you have multiple TetherBoxes that are offline, previously you would receive individual emails per unit, now you receive a single email summary.

  • Live View per Location - When you have multiple locations, previously would have to manually create presets for each location, now you can select a location to have TetherX generate a preset automatically. You can still customise this preset.

  • Notifications: Add a way to customise if analytics notifications should be sent as a push notification, email, or both:

Small Improvements

  • Improve the user experience when pinging and port scanning network devices

  • Show a more accurate lifespan tooltip for SU650 SSDs

  • Fixed PTZ Preset bug where dropdown was not rendering correctly in Firefox

Integrator only

  • The "Set Recommended Default" button now works on Hikvision NVRs and DVRs to automatically configure every connected camera

  • Added notes tooltip to the subscriptions page, to quickly access any notes you may have added for that TetherBox or Camera

  • Add a checkbox under permissions to allow/deny users from changing subscriptions

  • Add a checkbox under permissions to prevent users from accessing cameras, useful for an internal admin person that needs to check subscriptions, without seeing customer's personal information



  • If you select a single zone, you can now expand all events to see every recording in that zone, so you don't have to press "next, next, next", when reviewing a single camera.

  • Major improvements to the Excel exports

  • If you have multiple TetherBoxes that are offline, you will now receive a single email listing them all, instead of individual emails.

  • You can now port scan and ping network devices

  • Better handling of default passwords. When a new camera is added and we don't know what the password is, it will now ask for the password to be entered before you can turn the camera on, to prevent the camera from being locked out due to too many wrong password attempts.

Small Improvements

  • Show in the event Thumbnail is the event was generated by the camera analytics or the built-in TetherBox object detection.

  • Show if a live view is not available and the reason why, e.g. support access is disabled, or the camera is on a schedule.

  • Changes hard drive filter wording from "Faulty" to a more accurate "Potential Fault". New filter for finding where a fault has been confirmed

  • Detection of weak passwords. If a camera has a weak password, it will show a label warning you that the camera password is weak.

  • Fix a bug where changing the camera mask would sometimes not automatically apply.

  • Add an improvement where if an external USB drive is unplugged and plugged back in quickly, the TetherBox will automatically restart the recording process to automatically recover.

Integrator only

  • The quote tool now shows the SKU / part code when updating subscriptions:

  • When you request to cancel a subscription, it will now show when the subscription will expire:

  • The Subscriptions page now has a helpful "Adjust" button to quickly adjust the subscription:



  • Added support for PTZ Presets:

  • Added a way to select what camera analytics to send push/email alerts for:

Small Improvements

  • Show if a camera has a custom schedule on the camera table

  • Make Hard Drive Fault detection better - previously it would show certain SSD models have a potential fault when they didn't

  • Updated API documentation

  • Improved styling on the help page

  • Fix a bug where ticking the "Force TCP" camera option under advanced would require restarting the TetherBox

  • When checking the camera password, it would show the results in red, now shows in the appropriate colour (e.g. green if the credentials are correct)

Integrators Only

  • Don't send "TetherBox still offline" emails if the user is receiving integrator reports



  • Added filter badges to display selected filters so you know exactly what's on the screen

  • Release notes are (finally) available on the help page.

Small Improvements

  • Detect and display a message if your browser is not supported

  • You can now select both engineer and timeline at the same time when searching the Audit log, e.g. filtering by changes made by a specific person on a specific timeline.

  • The export button now has a timeline, allowing you to select CSV or XLS:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Excel export when selecting All timelines

  • Fixed bug where editing an address wouldn't update the map pin

Integrator only

  • Improved UX for factory resetting and re-activating

  • Added support for ONY-X DVRs and Arecont cameras

  • TetherX now email you when a factory reset was requested and when it was successfully completed

  • For older units (before 2018), a factory reset will now automatically delete the old timeline directory and footage - you no longer have to ask us to do this manually

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