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2020 Q4 - Release Notes
2020 Q4 - Release Notes
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  • Multi-select events:

    • Select multiple events by dragging a rectangle over them

    • Select individual events by holding CMD or Ctrl + the left mouse button

    • Presently, you can bulk close/open/flag/delete events. An upcoming release will allow bulk sharing/downloading events.

  • Added support for moving external storage drives between Pico and "TetherBox" units

Small improvements

  • Better support for ONVIF analytics

  • Display custom branding in emails

  • A new page in the knowledgebase for Mobotix cameras

  • On live view set and display correct zones which are active with the active camera when loading page

  • Add better logging to cameras

  • Changed text for a button to "Set Password" when setting a password for the first time

  • Added tooltip for the exact date of latest recording on camera index

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed sorting Local Storage by status

Integrators Only

  • Added API request that triggers TetherBox to start recording with passed description. By this endpoint TB records 1 minute of footage, creates snapshots and events in Timeline. The documentation was added as well.

  • Added possibility to change timeline markup per cent on modal. Press the "timeline name" above the price to change markup.



  • New TetherBox Range: TetherBox, TetherBox Pico, TetherBox Giga

Small improvements

  • Improve alert emails to add a short explanation for the video analytic that was triggered to generate the alert

  • Updated styles for the "Set Default" button on the timelines page - this is used to set your default timeline when you have access to multiple timelines.

Bug fixing

  • Fixed bug where deleting cameras were being counted towards the camera limit of the unit

  • Improved UX when using the slider on the Timelapse page

  • Correctly detect the wrong password when a camera is in monitor mode.

Integrators Only

  • Support for older cameras/DVRs that only support JPEG snapshots

  • Updates colours to use branding's styles for toggles/sliders/buttons

  • Technology Partners: added an API call to Arm/Disarm zones and locations



  • You can now arm/disarm locations. When a location is disarmed, the user will not receive notifications for any cameras/alarms in that location.

Small Improvements

  • Stats Page: Show a breakdown by unit type in your TetherBox Activations Per Month chart.

  • Added tooltips to explain the "Monitor" and "Record" camera modes.

  • Display an alert if you try to delete a zone that has a camera attached to it.

  • Start calendars on Monday, not Sunday

  • We now have a blog on the TetherX website

Integrators only

  • Improvements to unit Stress testing:

    • Added units that failed stress tests to the health section

    • Added units that failed stress test to the integrator report email

    • Moved stress test status to the first tab of the TetherBox page

    • Automatically detect if a stress test was interrupted (e.g. unit rebooted) and don't show as a failed stress test

  • Display the SKUs on the Subscriptions page



  • We now have a new cloud server in Mumbai, India for our customers in India

Bug Fixes

  • Events Table: Fixed bug when the live view preview didn't stop at the end of the event

  • TetherBox Activation: Sometimes cameras failed to migrate to a replacement TetherBox

  • Automatically recover if someone unplugs an external drive and plugs it back in quickly

  • Automatically handle when Smart Plugs change IP addresses

  • When deleting a live preset, stop re-directing to the Time-lapses page

  • Improvements and Bug Fixes for PTZ

    • Remove focus from the button after response came (PTZ)

    • Improve PTZ speed control with Dahua cameras


Small Improvements

  • New PTZ interface for mobile and desktop

  • Improved the "are you still there" window:

  • Improved styling of toggle buttons


  • Improved support for Mobotix Cameras

  • Better detection of frozen video streams on certain cameras

  • Automatically handle if a camera changes IP (on cameras set to DHCP)

Bug Fixes

  • Correctly display offline for cameras that have 100% packet loss

  • Fix a bug where packet loss was displayed as more than 100% for some devices

  • Fixed a bug where table headers sometimes didn't align with the table body

  • Fix a bug where you had to switch from "Off" to "Monitor" multiple times to put the camera in monitor mode

  • The map is now full screen on mobile and desktop:

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