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2021 Q4 - Release Notes
2021 Q4 - Release Notes
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User Permissions

  • Ability to "Select All For Location" under user permissions.


  • Fix the position of the live view preview on the map and in the cameras table.

  • The Map was not showing full screen while loading.

  • Fix an issue preventing some edit forms from scrolling correctly.


  • You will now see a warning if you are moving a recorder to a TetherBox that does not have enough spare channels.

  • Fix an issue preventing the pre-billing report being sent last month for some integrators.

  • Fix issue where the wrong price was showed some times in the quote tool.

  • Add support for DT300 SSDs.

Bug Fixes

  • "ONVIF is disabled" error was sometimes showing in a pop up window - now this is only visible in the camera table and on the camera edit page.

  • Fix an issue preventing the ability to type in a company name for a user.



  • We are presently working on integration with AJAX and Hikvision AX Pro alarm panels.



  • Add User Notifications - This is our most requested feature in the past few months. Users will now receive health notifications, you can customise what notifications users receive by editing the user, just like you were able to do with Admins and Integrators.

  • Alarm Panel Notifications - You can customise what notifications you receive (if any) from your alarm panel.

  • Add Continuous PTZ - You can now toggle on continuous PTZ to be able to press and hold on PTZ buttons.

Small Improvements

  • Improvements to Live View layout and button styling

  • New Network devices table to match the recent improvements to tables.

  • Fix issue preventing a “Factory Started” and “Factory Finished” emails from sending.

  • Small improvements to the cameras table.

  • Improve Russian Translation and fonts.

  • Make it possible to click on links in tooltip.

  • Improve styling on the Password Reset Form.


  • Add ANPR images to our ANPR API

TetherBox Firmware

  • Add a full database to TetherBoxes - this improves code durability and ensures quicker and more accurate state tracking (e.g. if a camera has an analytics stream issue).

  • Switch to Ruby3 - this required a major internal refactoring and a lot of code is faster and more efficient.


User Management

  • New User Form Scrolling - sometimes the form would not scroll if deleting and re-adding a timeline in the permissions tab.

  • Excel Export - many improvements to the excel export to have more fields with better formatting

  • Permission Tabs - the permissions are not split up by category to better understand what each permission relates to (e.g. CCTV, Access Control, etc)

TetherBox Management

  • Excel Export - many improvements to the excel export to have more fields with better formatting

  • Factory Reset - Ensure there are no leftover processes immediately after factory resetting a unit.

Alarm Panels

  • Texecom - Improve detection of state change and correctly email if the alarm is armed, disarmed or if state changes

CCTV: Recording, PTZ & ANPR

  • Handle Recorder IP Changes - Handle when the recorder IP address changes and automatically reconnect to all cameras.

  • Relay Support - Ability to trigger external IP relay when detecting an ANPR license plate.

  • IONIX Support - Add support for IONIX Wiper function for PTZ

  • Camera Time Sync - improvements to sync the time with more cameras, ensuring the camera time always matches the time on the TetherBox. Also shows if time sync was not possible.

  • PTZ Detection - Detect the specific PTZ capabilities of the camera, such as a wiper, lights, etc.

  • Automatically detect more ONVIF cameras.


  • How billing works for Integrators Link


  • The "Set Recommended Default" button works on more Hikvision devices

API Improvements

  • API Response Documentation - All API responses are now documented to understand how to use the API better

  • API Fixed for ANPR - the LPR endpoint would sometimes return empty data, remove camera_id from the response, no longer used (use zone_id)

  • Camera Details - Collect more information such as model, capabilities, etc which can be accessed through the API.

  • Live View Player - The snippet of code you can copy/paste to your application/website to instantly add live view will now also show troubleshooting information when a camera is down.


Live View

  • Correctly display the "Are you still there?" dialogue, even if a camera is in full-screen mode.

  • Make sure digital zoom buttons do not obscure the camera selection dropdown

  • Prevent digital zoom buttons from "jiggling" when you hover your mouse over them

  • Make sure the background is always black, regardless of HD or SD streaming

  • Fix the ability to update an existing preset

  • When switching to full screen, immediately show an image preview while loading the HD stream

  • Mobile App Improvements

    • Smarter positioning of the audio challenge button

    • Use smaller camera name and hide digital zoom and other controls unless space permits

  • PTZ Improvements

    • When in landscape mode, show a message: "Rotate your phone to see PTZ controls" to make it more obvious how to get PTZ controls

    • If no space for PTZ controls, show a button next to the camera name to enter a full screen with PTZ controls

    • Improve styling of PTZ controls on mobile

    • Hide the digital zoom buttons for PTZ cameras

    • When pressing the PTZ button, visually show the press was actioned, even if a button is held

    • Automatically fetch presets and relays instead of requiring a separate button press

    • Fix but with relays getting stuck fetching if the camera does not support relays

Texecom Integration

  • Show full details for every Texecom are configured:

TetherBox Management

  • Correctly show the stress test status for TetherBoxes - sometimes was misreported.

Camera Management

  • Detect if a camera was re-configured without restarting the TetherBox


  • Help page improvements, removing old links, linking to the new knowledge-base

API & Integrators

  • Add SIA to Alarm API - this allows sending a request to the timeline with an SIA string, for example, a fire alarm. This is useful if you have your own custom alarm panel or software.


Camera Management

  • Fix bug preventing the time on cameras to be synced with the TetherBox

  • Live view tooltips now show if a camera or TetherBox has an issue preventing live view from displaying

TetherBox Management

  • Fix a bug preventing the "TetherBox" (2 channel) from seeing new external drives.

  • Automatically detect if an external USB drive has stopped responding and attempt a reboot of the unit

  • Make it more obvious you cannot Factory Reset the unit due to "Support Access" being switched off by the customer.

Texecom Alarm Panels

  • Show additional information for Texecom alarm panels

  • When setting alarm type to Texecom, only show fields relevant to Texecom

  • Fix issue with zone numbers sometimes on some panel types

  • Use the Texecom terminology: e.g. "Omit" instead of "By-pass" and "Areas" instead of "Partitions".

  • Add ability to hide the Panic Test and Relay Output buttons

  • Update the alarm status in realtime in the Timeline

  • When the alarm is triggered, send all information to the Timeline about the state of every area

Machine Learning

  • DeepAlert - add improvements to TetherX's integration with DeepAlert, allowing the use of older cameras without analytics and reducing the chance of an "Unreachable" event (e.g. TetherX not being able to get a confirmation from DeepAlert).


  • How to set up Paxton Net2 with TetherX? Link

  • Why does The TetherBox (5 channel) require an external drive for video surveillance? Link

  • Camera Compatibility Table Improvements - fix some styling and bugs preventing the table from performing a search in some cases.

  • Better Texecom documentation covering what to do during a UDL lockout, basic instructions on how to use the Texecom Wintex software and more.


  • Fix a bug in the quote tool that sometimes showed 2 sliders for every option


User Management

  • Improve the "Delete" button for users - the platform now asks if you are removing this user from the current site or from all sites, it also handles an edge case where you have no site presently selected.


  • Fix Selecting a "Default" Timeline - if you have multiple timelines, you can now select which one should be used by default.

  • Offline Events - Improve TetherBox online/offline events to avoid a flood of events on an unstable Internet connection.


  • Better Infrastructure Support - TetherBoxes are now able to operate in more restrictive environments where all outbound connections are blocked on ports 80 and 443 and only the TetherX Cloud IP is whitelisted. This is useful for academies, financial institutions and other corporate environments.

Live View

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