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2022 Q2 - Release Notes
2022 Q2 - Release Notes
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TetherX Internal Upgrades

  • TetherX is now up to 47% faster

  • TetherBox is now up to 30% faster and uses 25% less ram

  • Major upgrades to underlying technology: MongoDB 5, Rails 7, Ruby 3.1, Postgres on TetherBoxes etc.

Network Management

  • TetherX can now track if Network Devices go offline and notify with visual verification (if there is a nearby camera) - for example, see who unplugged that till or wireless access point.

  • Added ability to filter the Network Devices table by monitored/unmonitored devices.

Integrator Report

  • The report now also has a list of all drives that are overheating since this can drastically reduce the lifetime expectancy of the drives.

Control Rooms

  • Added a new page under Admin > Control Rooms summarising all required information to add TetherX to an existing control room (e.g. Sentinel, IMMIX, CONXTD and others).


  • Unplugging an external drive while the TetherBox is running will now gracefully recover (though we still strongly advise against doing this).

  • Added support for more SSD manufacturers and models.

  • When factory resetting a unit, old external drives are removed from history as well.

  • TetherBoxes now connect and update on more restrictive corporate firewalls.

  • Extra checks to ensure a valid name is used when turning a TetherBox Pico into a wireless access point.

  • Newly re-activated units show live view immediately upon re-activation.

  • Fixed a bug with some TP Link smart plugs used for unattended rebooting.

  • Fixed an issue where, if a TetherBox was switched on while it was offline, TetherX wouldn’t show when it was switched on when it finally went back online.

  • Admins and Integrators can now see more details about past drives as well as delete old unused drives from the TetherBox page.


  • Now shows a red “recording in progress” dot instead of a spinner.

Live View

  • Fixed issue switching presets on Android.

  • Improved styling including showing consistent background in full screen viewing.

Audit Log

  • Fixed intermittent issue with the Audit Log sometimes sorting incorrectly depending on what filters were selected.

Video Surveillance

  • Added support for more device events and camera analytics:

    • Call No Answer (for intercoms), Clock Sync, Digital Input, Disk Error, Relay, SIP Register, Vehicle Detection, Login Failure, IO Alarm, Video Loss, Human, User Lock, DHCP Success, Reboot, IR Cut, IP Conflict, Tamper and more

  • Fixed an issue that caused Hikvision camera analytics to be missed on rare occasions.

  • Fixed an issue with the “eye” button not working for some users to show camera passwords - add automated testing to prevent this from breaking in the future.

  • Added ability to filter cameras by those that are or aren’t armed.

  • Improved compatibility with older Dahua ANPR cameras

  • Improved compatibility with newer Dahua cameras with advanced analytics

User Management

  • Normal users can now see the map to more easily jump between locations.

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