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2022 Q3 - Release Notes
2022 Q3 - Release Notes
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2022 Q3 (Jul-Sep)


  • Add email and push notifications for blacklisted license plate numbers.

  • Ability to trigger external relays for white-listed license plates for parking automation.


  • Shows the timezone of the presented date/time, for shared events, when the user is not logged in.


  • Sort locations by name (previously was by creation date).

Health Monitoring

  • Avoid showing a “footage gap” warning for cameras that were manually edited in the past 24 hours.

  • The last 500 connections are now kept for every TetherBox.

  • More reliable tracking of TetherBoxes connecting/disconnecting (e.g. detect if a new connection is initiated while the old one hasn’t timed out yet).


  • Correctly reset the camera state when editing a camera (previously the camera would still show online until the next heartbeat from the TetherBox, which could be minutes).

  • Correctly detect the detailed video stream information of cameras with firmware bugs.

  • Add support for the ONVIF port to be a different port from the web interface, required for some older PTZ cameras.


  • Many internal improvements and optimisations, reduced memory usage (especially on older units and those with 2GB of ram), reduced CPU usage, performance improvements with 100+ cameras, etc.

  • TetherBoxes will now force reboot if they become unresponsive for extended periods (e.g. a faulty external device is plugged in).

  • The TetherBox time will now be synchronised with the TetherX cloud if NTP is blocked.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue where company owners were not always given permission to newly activated units by one of their engineers.

  • Appropriately GeoCode any postcodes outside of the UK.

  • Fix an issue preventing the ability to add new Paxton Net2 systems for some customers.


  • The subscriptions page correctly shows your invoice price instead of the list price.

Automated Testing

  • We revamped many of our automated behavioural tests to reduce the possibility of future bugs and regressions.

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