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TetherX 2022 Highlights
TetherX 2022 Highlights

Key improvements to the TetherX Platform in 2022

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TetherX was designed to be the premier open platform for integrating and connecting physical security devices. As we move forward, we are committed to continuing this mission and constantly improving TetherX. This year, we focused on optimising and refining the platform. As a result, TetherBoxes now start faster, update faster, and work in more challenging environments. Managing multiple sites has also become more efficient, and offline devices are detected and reported more quickly. Additionally, the platform has become more responsive and scalable.

We also modernised a lot of our underlying technology and implemented additional automated testing to ensure that every aspect of the platform is thoroughly tested before a new release. Overall, TetherX is in its best form yet.

We've also been busy adding new integrations and features to TetherX, including:

  1. Network Device Monitoring - you can now receive notifications when a network device goes offline, and if you specify a nearby camera, you'll also get visual verification of who unplugged the device.

  2. Parking Automation - TetherX now supports external relays, white/black lists with automatic gate control, notifications, and more.

  3. Alarm Data Service - TetherX can now consume SIA alarms from IP communicators and other SIA devices, allowing you to connect almost any alarm panel to the platform either locally or through the Internet.

  4. Integration with HikProConnect - you can now pull AX Pro alarms into TetherX.

  5. New Live View Layouts - you can now view up to 100 cameras per screen.

These are just a few examples of the over 1,778 improvements we made in 2022, you can find more details in our release notes.


There are many exciting developments planned for TetherX in 2023, and it's not too late to submit your requests. If there are specific integrations that would make TetherX more valuable to your customers, please let us know. Some of the planned updates include:

  1. Hardware Integrations: TetherX will add support for more hardware devices like facial recognition terminals.

  2. Notification Center: The platform will include a centralised location to view past notifications and offer improved features such as grouping multiple notifications together, scheduling notifications for specific times, and more.

  3. More Dashboards: TetherX already offers several dashboards for different types of customers, including an integrator stats dashboard. In 2023, we plan to add additional dashboards and more reports for specific user types, including a report for the customer.

  4. Search Presets: For example, you may want to create a preset for detecting a person entering a warehouse after hours. While you can currently bookmark the search results, it's not possible to save the search as a preset.

  5. Rules Engine: If you need to automate complex interactions between CCTV, Access, and Alarm systems, you may need to speak to TetherX to set up specific rules (e.g. for parking management). We plan to add a rules engine that will allow you to set up conditions and actions without needing to contact us. We already offer more backend tools for certain more advanced integrators so please get in touch with us.

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